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How to Lighten Birthmarks Naturally – There are Practically 7 Tips to Bear in Mind

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Birthmarks are congenital skin blemishes or circumscribed and pigmented area, usually multiple and present in almost all newborn babies. The most common types are pigmented moles, including the malignant blue-black melanoma, the so-called strawberry mark, a mass of rudimentary blood vessels collected in a knot near the surface and the port-wine birthmarks, made up of collections of small rudimentary blood vessels and pigment deposited from the blood into the skin. In most cases, the only problem with birthmarks is disfigurement when they are located on the face or exposed parts of the body. If this is a case you have been wanting to get rid of, you can learn how to lighten birthmarks naturally.

Lighten Birthmarks Naturally

Lighten Birthmarks Naturally

Tip #1:  Deal with it while you are young.

It is important that during childhood, birthmarks should be taken cared of already.  You should see a dermatologist to diagnose the birthmark properly. This is to make sure that there is no fundamental skin predicaments involved to the birthmark. By the time the dermatologist verified that there is no further predicament involved, treatment may start.

Tip #2:  Brush the part where the birthmark is every day.

By way of scrubbing the area where the birthmark is, the dead skin cells will be discarded and the development of healthy cells will enable the birthmark to lighten.  However, the efficiency of scrubbing will depend on the profoundness of the birthmark.

Tip #3:  Use lemon juice.

Using lemon juice on the affected part is also useful in lightening birthmarks because of its bleaching properties. Actually, lemon juice is considered as the most excellent natural remedy that can lighten birthmarks.

Tip #4:  Try over-the-counter acne products.

You can also try using acne creams or products that can be obtained over-the-counter to lighten birthmarks. However, you have to make sure that the creams or products you are going to buy contain Retin A, a by-product of vitamin A. Products with this kind of ingredient can aid in the development of fresh cells useful in lightening the concerned part.

Tip #5:  Try the plastic smoothing device.

In another method, a plastic smoothing device resembling an emery wheel, scrapes or planes away the mark, allowing the growth of smooth new skin.

Tip #6:  Undergo laser treatment.

This is one of the many alternatives you can try if the natural means have no avail in lightening the birthmarks. On the other hand, this type of option can leave a scar on the area of the birthmark that was successfully eliminated and the probability that birthmark could recur after several years is also another factor to consider.

Tip #7: Try other methods.

The other standard methods of treating birthmarks include: the use of electric needle; freezing with carbon dioxide snow; cauterization with heat or chemicals such as carbolic or nitric acid; excision, or exposure to radium.  If properly used, all of these methods are effective. For strawberry type birthmarks, the blood vessels can be injected with various chemicals which produce inflammatory reaction that results eventually in obliteration of the veins and disappearance of the birthmark.

These are tips on how you can lighten birthmarks the natural way. You may have noticed that some operations or procedures may be used and yes these are considered natural ways to eliminate the plight since most people make use of them.