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How to Treat Birthmarks – A Combination of 9 Surgical and Natural Treatments

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Birthmarks are congenital skin blemishes or circumscribed and pigmented areas, usually multiple and present in almost all new-born infants. A lot of birthmarks disappear in due time and you do not need any medication to remove it. However, there are also birthmarks that will stay on your skin as long as you live and just the same they do not require any form of treatment too. On the other hand, there are also certain types of birthmarks that require treatments, particularly if they are located in the region of your eyes. Here are ways on how to treat birthmarks.

How to Treat Birthmarks

How to Treat Birthmarks

Tip #1:  Consider laser treatment.

This is frequently performed to treat birthmarks that are adjacent to the facade of the skin like the port-wine stains. In some cases, laser treatment is used to cure a developing hemangioma to prevent it from spreading further, but it is not effective in treating the profound type of hemangioma.

Tip #2:  Use corticosteroid treatment.

This is both an oral and injection type of medication used for the treatment of birthmarks, but you should be careful in using them as they might cause some unwanted side effects.

Tip #3:  Undergo surgical procedure.

The hemangioma type of birthmarks requires to be eliminated through surgical procedure only if all of other treatments did not work.

Tip #4:  Consider standard methods.

Standard methods of treating conspicuous or growing birthmarks have included use of an electric needle; freezing with carbon dioxide snow; cauterization with heat chemicals such as carbolic or nitric acid; excision; or exposure to radium. If properly used, all of these methods are effective, particularly for birthmarks of the strawberry type. The blood vessels will be injected with various chemicals which produce an inflammatory reaction that will result eventually in obliteration of the veins and disappearance of birthmark.

Tip #5:  Use a special device to treat one.

In another method, a plastic planning device resembling an emery wheel scrapes or planes away the mark, allowing the growth of smooth new skin.

Tip #6:  Use olive oil.

Olive oil is considered as a distinctive moisturizer that can help in the renewal of injured skin cells and creates softer skin exterior thus lessening the discoloration of birthmarks. You can soak one or three cotton balls in olive oil and rub it on the birthmark in circular movement for at least five minutes then wash the birthmark with lukewarm water and dry it out using soft cloth or towel. You can do this treatment four times daily for a period of six week.

Tip #7: Lemon juice treatment.

Dispense ½ cup of lemon juice in a bowl. Immerse two or four cotton balls in it then rub it on the birthmark in spherical movement and let it stay there for 15 minutes. Rinse the birthmark after 15 minutes with lukewarm water then dry it with a towel. Do the treatment three times daily for four weeks. Lemon juice is considered an innate bleaching agent that can aid alleviate dark parts of the skin like birthmarks.

Tip #9:  Use tomato juice.

Put three tablespoons of tomato juice in a microwaveable bowl and heat it for 30 seconds on high temperature. Soak the cotton balls into the warm juice and put it on the birthmark and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash it with cool water and dry. Do the treatment two times daily for three weeks.

Learning how to treat birthmarks is considered an interesting process. You have all the natural and conventional options as well as the modernized and invasive procedures. The choice is now yours to make.