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How to Prevent Blisters from Heels by Using 6 Tips

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Heels are parts of the human foot under the ankle and behind the instep. It is composed mainly of the heel bone attached by ligaments to two smaller bones and serves to transmit the weight of the body to the ground, forming a strong lever for the calf muscles. On the other hand, blisters are localized blebs in the outer layer of the skin containing watery fluid and producing elevation of the surface. They are usually multiple and may be caused by a variety of injuries or disorders such as chafing, pinching from tight shoes, and friction from oversized shoes. If you want to prevent blisters from heels, follow the simple tips that will be discussed below.

How to Prevent Blisters from Heels

How to Prevent Blisters from Heels

Tip #1:  Use lubricants.

Prior to walking, it is necessary that you should apply a lubricant on all the parts that usually break out in blisters. There are several individuals that put petroleum jelly, bag balm or talcum on their feet before putting on their socks and shoes to prevent blisters.

Tip #2:  Use socks.

Socks will also help prevent blisters on your heels. Try out every type of sock brands then use the best brands that help you prevent heel blisters. Make sure though to wash the socks before putting them on for the first time. If possible, do not use cotton socks because it can keep moisture that further soften the skin, thus deteriorating it easily and leading to the formation of blisters. Search for socks that are designed for walking and running and make sure to change the socks during walking, particularly if you have sweaty feet.

Tip #3:  Use band-aid blister block.

This product is readily obtainable in drug stores. They contain sterile gel pack that pads as well as cushions your heels. The main objective of band-aid blister block is to protect the existing blisters from discomfort and to prevent the manifestation of another blister while you are walking or running. You can find a band-aid blister block in the foot care section of supermarkets not in the bandage section.

Tip #4:  Use moleskin or sports tape.

This is recommended for existing blisters to prevent it from getting worse. This works the same way as the band-aid blister block mentioned above.

Tip #5:  Use perfectly fitting shoes.

It is important that when you buy shoes for walking, it must be perfectly fitted on your feet to avoid blister formation. If you want to buy shoes that will fit perfectly on your feet, your toes must wiggle comfortably in the shoes and try the shoes by walking at a fast pace inside the store to make certain that it will not slip while you walk or run.

Tip #6:  Use tincture or benzoin.

You can strengthen your skin by putting on tincture of benzoin to the easily hurt parts or just immerse your feet in a pungently concocted tea. The tannic acid in tea will help strengthen the skin on your heels.

These are 6 tips you may use if you want to prevent blisters from heels. Treat the blisters on your heel immediately as it appears to prevent from further discomfort and pain.