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How to Repair Broken Capillaries under the Eyes

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Suffering from dark eye circles around the eyes is one of the most common complaints of people. The dark circles are often caused by broken capillaries on the lower eyelids and under the eyes. This condition may appear in early childhood and is usually hereditary in nature. But with the state of the art technologies that we have today, these are easily treated by experienced cosmetic surgeons. Let us then learn how to repair broken capillaries under the eyes.

Tip #1: Know what broken capillaries are.Repair Broken Capillaries under the Eyes

Most people call them broken blood vessels but they are not actually broken blood vessels. What they see is the visible blood vessels on the skin where they do not often see blood vessels. These small blood vessels are called arterioles, venules, and capillaries. Arterioles works by carrying fresh blood to the skin, while venules takes the old blood away back to heart and lungs to be refreshed with oxygen. The work of the capillaries is to connect arterioles and venules. These blood vessels are usually located deep in the skin and not visible.

Tip #2: Visit a professional.

If you want to get rid of these ugly dark circles around your eyes, talk with your health care provider to obtain references for several qualified cosmetic surgeons. Visit these doctors and ask for information regarding the best treatment for broken capillaries. From there, you should request for an appointment once you feel comfortable with a particular specialist.

Tip #3: Be honest and prepared.

Discuss the situation with your doctor and be prepared to give a complete history, including family history so that the doctors can assess if your condition is caused due to hereditary factor. You must be prepared to undergo thorough physical examination. Ask your doctor all about the possible and the best treatment for you. In some instances, these broken capillaries can be treated effectively using an Intense Pulsed light therapy. Ask your doctor about the recovery period, the cost of such treatment, insurance coverage, and expected result.

Tip #4: Set an appointment.

If you chose to undergo the treatment, ask for an appointment. Intense pulsed light treatment will usually require you to complete 3 treatments with a 6-week schedule. But this treatment will only require your time at least less than an hour. You must religiously follow your doctor’s advice about the post treatment care. Side effects can be visible including redness and swelling around the area, but this usually goes away within 24 hours. Use sunscreen lotion before going out of the sun, and use cold compress to relieve minor swellings, discomfort and redness.

Tip #5: Monitor the results.

Keep all follow up appointment with your doctor to monitor the result and the procedure was done effectively. Visible improvements can be seen within 6 weeks. But the improvement will continue for several months following the treatment.

There are indeed a number of things that will help you with broken capillaries under the eyes. Make sure that you follow the tips religiously. Never self-medicate or self-treat when it comes to this matter. Still, your doctor knows best.