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How to Remove Bruises – 7 Tips that Will Help Heal the Bruised Part

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Bruises are injuries caused by a blow, blunt object, or a fall which cause swelling and discoloration but do not break the skin. The bump breaks the small blood vessels in the soft tissues beneath the skin and the leaking blood spreads around the area or form a clot. It also causes swelling of the area due to accumulated serum from the blood. While the bruise itself is not a cause for alarm, it may have serious implications. Uncomplicated bruises are best treated by applications of cracked ice or an ice bag. Then, you can also remove bruises using the following tips.

How to Remove Bruises

How to Remove Bruises

Tip #1:  Chilling.

Right after you acquire a bruise, it is essential that you should put an ice bag to the affected area and let it stay for about 30 minutes to reduce the pain, inflammation and the total seriousness of the bruise itself. Continue to put ice on the bruised area on a regular interval for one day.

Tip #2:  Creams and tincture.

There are certain types of creams that can be applied to the bruise. One of which is calendula cream. It phenomenally works on bruises. If you do not have calendula cream, use tincture instead. It can also relieve bruises.

Tip #3:  Miracle herb.

Aloe Vera is considered another phenomenal herb that can eliminate bruises immediately. The gel found inside the aloe Vera plant is extremely best in relieving slight bruises as well as injuries.  It is very easy to use. Just apply the aloe Vera gel on the affected area and leave it for several minutes and you will notice that the bruise is gone after quite some time.

Tip #4:  Thyme.

Thyme is another type of herb that can be used to remove bruises. Just boil thyme for about 10 minutes or more, cool it down and drain it. Put the boiled thyme in a tub and immerse your bruises for at least 30 minutes. After soaking the bruise, you will soon notice that it had lessened the discoloration already.

Tip #5:  Vinegar.

Cider vinegar in particular is extremely good in removing bruises. Just put an ample amount of cider vinegar on sterilized wash cloth and compress it on the bruised part of your body for at least 10 minutes. The discoloration from the bruise will be lessened in no time.

Tip #6:  Cabbage.

This is a type of vegetable that is also good in removing bruises. Immerse the cabbage in water and just put it on the bruised part then let it remain there for about 15 minutes or so. After the cabbage treatment, the bruise is gone!

Tip #7:  Homeopathic remedy.

Arnica gel is a type of homeopathic remedy that is helpful in relieving dark discoloration as well as soreness on the skin due to bruises. You can put on Arnica gel on the affected area every 3 hours to remove the bruise.

The simple tips discussed above are considered the most excellent ways of on how to remove bruises. Of course, you can also consider all other techniques that you know will help in the process. What matters is you can say goodbye to bruises successfully.

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    what about the dark purple bruises that my husband gets on his forearm after playing golf or hitting his arm~he is 68 years old.