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How to Remove Calluses from Foot – 6 Tips That Will Work on Callused Feet

A callus is a horny thickening of the outer layer of the skin produced by pressure, mostly on the toes and feet. A hard callus is a dense thickening caused by the pressure of tight shoes while a soft callus between two toes is due to heat and moisture. A callus is a larger area of thickened skin forming on the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot. Calluses are best removed by a podiatrist because of the dangers of cutting too deep or causing infection. Diabetics and persons with hardened leg arteries should never attempt to trim their own calluses. But for milder cases, the following tips will help on how to remove calluses from foot.

How to Remove Calluses from Foot

How to Remove Calluses from Foot

Tip #1:  Immerse the feet in lukewarm water containing Epsom salt.

Prior to going to bed, you can try immersing your affected foot in lukewarm water that has Epsom salt. You can immerse your feet for about 20 minutes to soften the callus.

Tip #2: Use a callus file and pumice stone.

Utilize a callus file or pumice stone to eliminate the surface coating of the callus. The outer layer of the callus will be easy to remove because it had already softened during the immersion process. Since the callus had already softened, you can get rid of as much callus as possible.

Tip #3: Use a mixture of Whitfield’s ointment and hydrocortisone cream.

Blend hydrocortisone cream and Whitfield’s ointment and put the solution on the calloused region. These items can be seen most frequently in your local drug store without prescription. Wear a sock on top of the plastic. Allow both the plastic and sock to remain on your foot overnight.

Upon waking up the following morning, take away the plastic and the sock then you can start rubbing off the exterior surface of the callus by using callus file or pumice stone. After removing the surface of the callus, try to rub on an excellent foot lotion to the affected area so that the skin will not dry or get chapped.

Tip #4:  Use table sugar or salt.

You can use table sugar or salt as a scrub to remove the outer layer of callus.  Sugar or salt for scrub will get rid of the old dead skin that had accumulated over the years on your feet. You can eliminate as much dead skin on your feet with sugar or salt if it is wet.

Tip #5:  Use flexitol foot-balm.

You can also use this product to gradually moisten the callus and to preserve the soft skin on your feet. You can apply flexitol foot-balm on the callus after taking a bath and wear socks to protect you from slipping.

Tip #6:  Vicks can remedy callused feet as well.

This is another home remedy that you can try to remove callus on your feet. Aside from the fact that Vicks can help remedy toenail fungal infections, it can also refresh your feet as well as make calluses softer.

There are still so many ways you can try to remove calluses from foot. You only have to ask your friends, loved ones and your doctor for the right kind of treatment that will work best on the calluses.

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