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How to Treat Dry Callused Feet – 7 Tips that Will Not Cost Much

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The feet are the most used parts of the body and they suffer from extreme wear and tear because they are continuously on the go and are usually used up several hours daily in closely wrapped up footwear. This is why callused feet are unavoidable. Callused feet are characterized by fissure condensed heels. There are simple home care remedies that can help alleviate callused feet. These are tips on how to treat dry callused feet.

Treat Dry Callused Feet

Treat Dry Callused Feet

Tip #1:  Use gentle cleanser.

Cleanse your feet by using gentle soaps that contain ingredients like fats and oils. Avoid using cleansing products such as antibacterial soap due to the fact that they can lead to extremely dry skin. Select a cleansing product that can make your feet softer and smoother.

Tip #2:  Immerse your feet in water.

Immerse your feet in lukewarm water each night so that it will be alleviated from becoming firm and dehydrated. The skin cells in your feet will react similar to small sponges that soak up in water. You can immerse your feet in warm water for around 20 minutes then let it dry thoroughly. However, if the dehydration is initiating irritation on your feet, put a cool compress on the inflamed part for a few minutes.

Tip #3:  Moisturize.

Put on an oil-based foot cream or baby oil onto your feet twice a day to seal in the natural moisture of the skin in your feet. Make it a habit to moisturize your feet right after taking a bath or shower. Oil contains the ability to seal in the water in your skin and it is more enduring than moisturizers. Make sure to wear socks after putting on foot cream or baby oil.

Tip #4: Use pumice stone.

You can utilize pumice stone to lessen the depth of the tough skin on your feet due to calluses. The pumice stone performs similar to sandpaper when it comes to stripping off dryness.  Pumice stone performs excellently on wet skin. You can try to buff your feet more than a few times for several days or weeks.

Tip #5:  Humidify your home.

Purchase a handy home humidifier to gain back the lost moisture in your skin due to extreme cold weather outside and hot, dry indoor air in your home. Inside air is frequently extremely dehydrating and can contend with your attempt to maintain the proper moisture of your feet.

Tip #6:  You can also try to remove the calluses on your feet by buying a callous remover.

Use the callus remover right after immersing your feet in warm water.  It helps in removing the calluses from your heels, balls of your feet and big toes.  These parts of the feet contain chunkier calluses.

Tip #7:  Use Vaseline.

Use Vaseline moisturizer on your calluses. It is considered effective in softening the hard calluses on your feet. You can rub it on the parts of your feet that is hard and thickened then wear socks to help preserve the heat and to let the Vaseline go through the skin for best possible toning down.

Treating dry callused feet is not hard to do. There are so many things you can do to remove hard thickened skin causing calluses. The remedies for dry callus feet are also very cheap.

  • Kpd2414

    I get my peds soft by using lots of lotion @ night then putting on socks. In the am a nice hot shower using the pumice stone the using a lot of lotion before putting on socks.