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How to Treat Cellulitis with Antibiotics – Say Goodbye to Cellulitis with these 8 Tips

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Cellulitis is a diffused inflammation of the loose connective tissue beneath the skin with the formation of pus, due to infection. It has a tendency to spread, as indicated by red streaks.  It can disturb several areas of your body, but usually set up on arms and legs. The initial treatment administered to this skin infection is antibiotics. Learn how to treat cellulitis with antibiotics.

How to Treat Cellulitis with Antibiotics

How to Treat Cellulitis with Antibiotics

Tip #1:  The initial thing you have to do is to see your doctor.

Go to the doctor for proper diagnosis. He can determine whether your condition can still be remedied without being admitted to the hospital. There are serious cases of cellulitis wherein a patient is given intravenous medication that is why hospitalization is needed. However, this is considered a very rare case. Cellulitis that is not yet severe can be cured in your own home through the use of oral antibiotic medication.

Tip #2: Inform your physician about medicines you are taking.

It is important that you should tell your physician all the types of medicines you are using, both prescription and non-prescription. Tell him if you’re taking medications for allergies so that your doctor can give you the type of antibiotics that will suit your specific physical condition description.

Tip #3: Obtain antibiotic prescription.

Since the types of bacteria that are usually associated to cellulitis are the streptococci and staphylococcus aureus, it is necessary for you to get a prescription from your doctor. The best antibiotic should have an efficient impact on these types of bacteria. The type of antibiotic that is usually prescribed for mild to moderate types of cellulitis is penicillin, but in some cases, the infected parts will be opened to remove the pus.

Tip #4:  Make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendation on how to use the antibiotic medicines.

It is important that you should take the exact dose of the medicine every day.  The usual recommended dosage for adults is 500 mg to be taken four times daily.

Tip #5:  Do not discontinue using or taking in the prescribed antibiotics for your condition.

This is even if you think that you are already getting better. The usual length of time for taking in antibiotic medications is from 7 to 10 days. However, if your situation does not improve after finishing the recommended dosage, see your doctor again for further evaluation.

Tip #6:  Verify with your doctor regarding the condition.

Do this particularly if the initial set of oral antibiotics medication does not improve your case. Go to your doctor so that you can be given an intravenous or intramuscular injection. This type of medication is administered to severe or enduring cellulitis.

Tip #7:  Talk to your doctor regarding utilizing continuing antibiotic medication.

Ask him if you should take it as a considerable treatment if you are experiencing recurring occurrence of cellulitis. You can ask him/her if using continuing antibiotics can increase your resistance to the medicine.

Tip #8:  Ask for urgent health medication if you experience some signs.

Included herein are fever, huge red marks on the area, irritated or completely darkened skin, lack of sensation in the area or if the region of your eyes and ears are already affected at any time before or all through the antibiotic therapy.

Immediate treatment of cellulitis is essential to prevent further serious complications. You must therefore comply with tips mentioned herein.