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How to Prevent Chapped Hands – 8 Tips that Will Wow Anyone Who Holds Your Hands!

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Chapped hands are caused by exposure to the cold or soap, hard water, and detergents you use. It can happen particularly if you have deficient oily secretion in your skin. Exposing your hands to extreme undesirable conditions can lead to chapping and dryness. Treatments for chapped hands are readily obtainable, but there are also some precautionary measures to maintain healthy and invigorated hands. Here are some tips on how to prevent chapped hands.

How to Prevent Chapped Hands

How to Prevent Chapped Hands

Tip #1:  Always wear hand gloves.

It is important that you should wear hand gloves when you are washing clothes, dishes, glasses, and other kitchen utensils or even if you are tending your garden. The harmful chemicals on the detergents, cleaners as well as garden sprays can cause rough and dehydrated skin resulting to chapped hands that can be agonizing and upsetting.

Tip #2:  Utilize gentle and alcohol-free soaps.

Alcohol is considered as one of the chemicals that can cause injury to your skin. Majority of soaps and sanitizers that are readily available in different types contain alcohol for disinfection purposes. Try to look for soaps as well as sanitizers that only contain minimum amount of alcohol. They are the best products that can help you avoid getting chapped hands. If possible, stay away from utilizing hand sanitizers and alcohol to clean your hands speedily.

Tip #3:  Rub on moisturizer or lotion.

Due to the fact that your hands are always exposed to harmful elements, it is necessary that you should pamper them with the most excellent products that can help in preventing chapped hands. Lubricate or moisturize your hands by using high quality moisturizer and lotions to prevent chapping. Try to moisturize your hands following each wash.

Tip #4:  Stay away from too much sun exposure.

Even if the sun is considered to give you the much required vigor, it can also harm your skin tremendously because of the ultraviolet rays. The radiation from the sun can result to dehydrated skin or even skin cancer. In order to avoid damaging your hands from too much exposure from the sun, wear gloves whenever you will go outside or in the open air.

Tip #5:  Ingest plenty of water.

Insufficient amount of water in your body can cause withered and dehydrated skin including the skin of your hands. To combat this unwelcome outcome, make sure you ingest a lot of water all the time. Hydrating your skin is the essential solution to a healthy skin.

Tip #6:  Make sure to humidify your home.

Dry air inside your house can contribute to chapped hands because the water reserves in your body will be released to moisten the hands. Make sure to humidify your home, particularly if you are living in the tropics to maintain the proper moisture and hydration of your hands.

Tip #7:  Stay away from using hot water.

If you are going to wash your hands, do not use hot water because it can help eliminate the natural coating of your skin thus allowing the moisture of the skin to fade away.

Tip #8:  Immerse your hands in water and oil solution.

Immerse your hands at least 20 minutes in the water and oil solution to help them recover the lost natural oil. This can prevent as well as alleviate chapped hands.

These are eight tips that will help you prevent having chapped hands. If you want your partner to appreciate the smoothness of your skin, you better try these tips.