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How to Soothe Chapped Hands – 4 Reliable Tips to Make Chapping Run Away

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Chapped hands are caused by both cold outdoor air and dry indoor air. They are also the result of hard working hands that most of the times are taken for granted. If you do not want to suffer chapped hands, it is important that you should take care of them no matter what you are doing. Add to that, you should also learn how to soother chapped hands using the following tips:

Soothe Chapped Hands

Soothe Chapped Hands

Tip #1:  Stay away from extreme hand washing.

Even if hand washing is very important in your hourly activities to prevent germs from accumulating in your hands, it is not good particularly if you use hot water and harsh soaps. Harsh soaps and hot water contain the ability to strip off the natural oils in your skin, thus resulting to chapped hands which may be associated with fissure and bleeding especially is not treated at once. In order to be assured that your hands are always clean, use gentle soap and warm water instead of hot water.

Tip #2:  Use moisturizer conscientiously.

It is important that you should moisturize your hands each time you cleanse them so that the moisture in your skin will be maintained even if you go out during extremely hot or cold weather. One of the ways you can do to avoid scaly hands is to use petroleum jelly, but if the condition is severe, try to ask your doctor for prescription for strong hydrocortisone creams.

However, if you want to moisturize your hands the natural way, you can moisturize them by blending ¼ teaspoon each of olive oil and sugar then rub it on your hands at least once each week. Olive oil is considered an amazing resource of omega-3 fatty acids that can help moisturize your hand while sugar can help rub away uneven areas on your hands.

Tip #3:  Moisten your home.

In general, extreme cold weather is detrimental not only to the skin especially your hands. Cold temperature deprives the skin of its natural moisture and because you have to switch on the heater inside your home during cold weather, drying of the skin cannot really be avoided. A humidifier can help greatly in giving extra moisture to the interior atmosphere and aid in maintaining the natural oil on your hands, nose, lips and your entire body as well. However, you have to maintain the humidity level in your home from 30 to 50 percent so that there will be no molds, dust mites and fungi to grow.

Tip #4:  Watch over your hands.

During extreme cold temperature, it is important that you should wear gloves or mittens when you go out into an open air. It is also best if you will always wear gloves when you are doing household chores, particularly if you are going to use cleaning products that may only add to the problem. If possible, select moisturizing products that are oil-based because these can make defensive coating on your skin.

There are certain types of moisturizing products that contain urea or lactic acid as well that can help the skin to retain its natural water. On the other hand, if the skin on your hands does not get better after regular moisturizing, or if it deteriorates even more, consult your physician or dermatologist for the proper evaluation of the problem.

These are four reliable tips you may use to soothe chapped hands. Of course, there are plenty of other means you can resort to. The secret however is to keep your hands moisturized.