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How to Treat Corns and Calluses Naturally – 5 Tips That Will Remove those Bumps on Your Feet

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It is unavoidable to acquire corns and calluses particularly on the feet because it is one part of your body that is most used. This is due to the constant friction brought about by wearing shoes and sandals that are not well-fitted on your feet. This ordinary skin deformation can be treated naturally without the side effects caused by abrasive chemicals found in some medicines for corns and calluses available in the market. Here are tips to treat corns and calluses naturally:

How to Treat Corns and Calluses Naturally

How to Treat Corns and Calluses Naturally

Tip #1:  Foot bath.

Foot bathing is considered one of the most efficient means to treat corns and calluses. It can do marvels to the condition as well as relax your feet that were stressed during lengthy walking. You only have to put lukewarm water in a basin then soak your feet in it for around 10 to 15 minutes. The calming sensation of the hot water will make the skin of the feet with corns and calluses soft and eliminate dead skin as well. If you want great results, you can add Epsom salt to the hot water before soaking your feet. After the soaking, rub down your feet to eliminate dead skin further then wipe your feet dry before putting on moisturizers to preserve proper moisture. You can do foot bath once each week. Another way of removing calluses and corns is through scrubbing them with pumice stone after having a foot bath.

Tip #2:  Herbal cure.

This is considered another efficient natural way of curing corns and calluses on your feet. The herbal remedies you can try include St. John’s Wort cream and castor oil. You can put and rub down the cream on the corns and calluses to your feet each night while you can put a thick layer of castor oil on the affected area each night before going to sleep. Put on your socks after treating your corns and calluses with these herbal remedies to keep your blanket and sheets away from stain.

Tip #3:  Feet exercises.

Some individuals allege that regular feet exercise can help eliminate and avoid corns and calluses. The type of foot exercise that is considered good in treating corns and calluses include rolling your foot on a rolling pin. The rolling pin foot exercise for about 30 minutes each day will help straighten the angle of the ankle to avert the formation of calluses.

Tip #4:  Traditional treatment.

Filing the callus after soaking the feet in warm water will help eliminate the dead skin cells as well as soften your feet. After filing the callus, you can apply moisturizer on the skin to maintain its moisture. For the corn, you can cover it with cushioned band-aid to put off stress on the corn and to alleviate the soreness as well.

Tip #5:  Aromatherapy.

There are Aromatherapy oils that can help treat corns and calluses naturally such as Roman chamomile, lavender and high-quality vegetable oil. All of these oils consist of anti-inflammatory properties that can flatten the puffiness and reduce soreness as well; while a good quality vegetable oil can help lessen the parts of tough skin.

You can prevent corns and calluses by wearing footwear that perfectly fits your feet and by soaking your feet in hot soapy water for ten minutes at least two times a week. You can consider these tips effective together with those mentioned above.