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How to Cover Stretch Marks Using 6 Different Techniques

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Occasionally it is considered unbearable to lessen the manifestation of stretch marks, particularly if you want to show off some of your skin. In view of this, you can discover some means to cover stretch marks instead. There are several means you can try to conceal the stretch marks that are so obstinate to get rid of.Cover Stretch Marks

Tip #1: Hydrate

First, you must hydrate your skin properly by means of ingesting sufficient amount of water together with water-based fruits such as grapes, grapefruits and melons. Proper hydration of the skin will give additional moisture to your skin, thus making it more soft and effortless to deal with.

Tip #2: Exfoliate and Moisturize

Exfoliate your skin with loofah or exfoliating body scrub while you are taking a bath. Exfoliating will help sweep away dead skin cells to pave the way for smooth skin and uniform skin consistency. Put on substantial lotion such as cocoa butter or vitamin E cream, which will function as a form of adhesive to cosmetic makeup.

Tip #3: Apply Foundation

You can also apply a bronzing powder or foundation on top of the stretch marks to slightly conceal them. Make sure to let the make-up set in first before putting on another coating, until the stretch marks are completely concealed. Make sure that the make-up you are going to use in concealing the stretch marks is water-resistant, particularly if you are going to show off some skin in beaches or swimming pools. There are good quality water proof make-up which can help you conceal the ugly stretch marks.

Tip #4: Use the Right Clothes

The most effortless means to conceal stretch marks is to just put on pieces of clothing that will conceal the distressed parts of your body. If your stretch marks manifest on your stomach, you must not wear midrib shirts or blouse because you will only show the stretch marks. Do not wear bikini if you have stretch marks on your thighs and stomach. You can use a tankini or shorts instead.

Tip #5: Combine the Right Sets of Clothes

If you want to wear mini skirt, make sure that you will also put on nude nylons beneath together with a pair of close-toe shoes, which will immensely lessen the manifestation of stretch marks thus letting you to feel more at ease and self-assured. You must stay away from wearing décolletage if you have stretch marks on your breasts, you can instead wear clothing that is styled bare back to make you look more appealing.

Tip #6: Have a Tattoo

Obtaining a tattoo is another well-loved means of concealing stretch marks as well as other skin imperfections. Tattoos as well as semi-permanent henna tattoos can be specifically created in an assortment of magnitudes, hues and effortlessly toil to conceal stretch marks. If you desire for an easy-fix, inquire with your local tattoo artist regarding application of impermanent tattoo. Temporary tattoo is quite inexpensive and will toil completely to conceal your stretch marks if you want to display your body in beaches or swimming pools.

There are a number of means you can make use of to learn how to cover stretch marks. These techniques include using the right cosmetics, clothing and even having a tattoo. See which one will suit your taste and hide stretch marks temporarily.