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How to Cover Stretch Marks Quickly Using 4 Practical Tips

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Covering stretch marks or reducing its appearance rapidly is the main concern of every woman who has it because they do not want to get embarrassed by the ugly sight of it. Stretch mark is one source of every woman’s insecurity because they can no longer expose their beautiful skin and figure. Stretch marks can appear anywhere in your body, but the good thing is; there are already so many ways to conceal this ugly sight on your skin. Here are ways on how to cover stretch marks quickly.

Cover Stretch Marks Quickly

Cover Stretch Marks Quickly

Tip #1:  Clothes to wear.

It is important that you should select pieces of clothing that will help hide the stretch marks on your body. Do not wear low-rise jeans, shorts or skirts because they can show the stretch marks around your waist and hips. Instead of wearing low-rise jeans, shorts and skirts try to wear the mid-rise type cut so that it will not expose the skin around the abdomen and back areas. You can also wear above this piece of clothing shirts or blouses that go down through the middle of your hips to avoid disclosing the stretch marks the moment you raise your arms.

Stay away from exposing your neck if your breasts contain stretch marks so that you will not feel embarrassed by the condition. Instead of wearing low neckline dresses or blouses, try to wear something that will show off your back and your side legs.

Tip #2:  Have fun even on beaches or pools.

You can still flaunt your figure in beaches or pools even if you have stretch marks in the abdomen or hips area. You just have to wear one-piece bathing suits that will conceal the stretch marks. There are lots of one-piece bathing suits you can buy that will make you gorgeous and younger looking. You can also mix and match tank tops until you discover the suitable piece to cover stretch marks. For more simple choices, try to wear sarongs or shorts below the knee. Whatever type of bathing wear you will sure, make sure to put on sunscreen before exposing yourself to the sun because stretch marks burn rapidly and it will be more noticeable if you are tanned.

Tip #3:  Conceal stretch marks through makeup.

There are specifically formulated make-ups you can acquire that can help totally hide stretch marks. Some of these makeup brands are even water proof or water resistant so that you can put them even if you are going out swimming. However, you have to make sure that the makeup you are going to buy contains a setting powder so that your clothing will not be stained by the makeup.

Tip #4:  Eliminate stretch marks.

You can undergo some forms of medical procedures that can help remove stretch marks on your abdomen. One of the most popular medical procedures used in removing stretch marks on the lower abdomen is abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. This type of procedure is only good for stretch marks found in the lower part of the abdomen not on the other parts of the body. If you want to conceal quickly the stretch marks on any parts of your body, try to go for microdermabrasion and laser treatments instead. These types of treatment can help the skin heal and can weaken the appearance of stretch marks everywhere on the body. Even if these types of treatment are considered efficient in concealing the stretch marks rapidly, they can be very costly.

You have choices when you want to cover stretch marks quickly. It is up for you to decide what will work best for you.