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How to Cover Stretch Marks with Tattoos – 5 Tips to Make Sure This Method is For You

Stretch marks usually appear after giving birth. It’s either you can live with it or find ways to eliminate the ugly blemishes on your skin through the use of lots of lotions and concoctions obtainable in beauty centers. However, there are individuals who contemplate on obtaining tattoos in their body to conceal the stretch marks or the imperfection on their skin. On the other hand, you might want to know if having a tattoo is an excellent idea. You might want to consider some factors before you cover stretch marks with tattoos.

Cover Stretch Marks with Tattoos

Cover Stretch Marks with Tattoos

Tip #1:  Consider some pointers before you undergo this method.

Prior to having tattoos to conceal your stretch marks, you have to consider the length of time the condition has been on your skin. The most excellent outcomes of putting a tattoo on the stretch mark is considerably based on the length of time the blemish had been on your skin. The most ideal time to put tattoo on the marks is when it is only about a year old.

Tip #2:  Consider the intensity of stretch marks.

Putting a tattoo on the marks will be determined depending on the gravity of the manifestation. If the stretch marks had already spread extensively, it might be painstaking for the tattoo artist to cover the whole area. In this case, you should discuss the matter with the artist so that he/she can incorporate the tattoo into a bigger design.

Tip #3: Consider your susceptibility to pain.

Since the stretch marks nerve endings are nearer to the facade of the skin, the process of tattooing can cause extreme pain than you might expect. Additionally, the scarred skin frequently needs additional handouts of needles in order to put on the appropriate color. The process of tattooing can be very painful. So, if you are extremely sensitive to pain, think twice before obtaining the technique to conceal your stretch marks.

Tip #4:  Decide on the type of tattoo you desire.

If the scar tissue is susceptible to color, the tint will nevertheless bleed. Even if an extremely tiny black line is considered excellent, the color molecules in colored ink have a tendency to move around, thus resulting to an unclear tattoo. The probable answer to this is to include a gray gloomy setting or blue flimsy sky all in favor of your design. However, to conceal the bleeding, the artist may do a design which is drawn around in black then packed with brilliant colors.

Tip #5: Look for a great tattoo artist.

After considering all the factors involved, there are more things you should do to encounter a delightful experience during the tattooing process. The next big thing for you to do is to look for a skilled tattoo artist who can cover the scars and stretch marks nicely. There are excellent tattoo artists who might not be accustomed with the essential procedures. Other professional tattoo artists also consider that undergoing succession of peels or microdermabrasion on the troubled parts will invigorate the skin.

These are tips to consider when you want to cover stretch marks with tattoos. Remember that you cannot just jump into this procedure unless you have brought some factors to mind.