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How to Improve Dark Circles under Eyes through Diet using 9 Proven Tips

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Dark circles under eyes can make you look unattractive. This condition is caused by lots of contributing factors like allergies, smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, and sun exposure. If you had already exerted a lot of effort in eliminating the dark circles under your eyes but to no avail, maybe it is high time already to pay attention on the foods you are consuming and not. There are particular kinds of foods that when consumed on a regular basis help lessen the look of dark circles. Here is how you can improve dark circles under eyes through diet.

Improve Dark Circles under Eyes through Diet

Improve Dark Circles under Eyes through Diet

Tip #1:  Look for natural diuretics.

It is important that you should include foods that work as natural diuretic in your regular diet because these types of foods can help flush out extra water and lessen the dark, swollen look beneath your eyes. The foods that contain natural diuretic include watermelon, celery and cucumber.

Tip #2:  Learn what to avoid.

Stay away from junk food consumption or eradicate it from your regular regimen. Limit drinking caffeinated drinks because they can add to the bulge and dark skin beneath your eyes. You should also lessen your consumption of sweet and greasy foods. Try to eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables instead.

Tip #3:  Control alcohol drinking.

A number of alcoholic drinks taken daily can cause not only swollen eyes but also dark circles underneath it. Instead of drinking alcoholic drinks, try to ingest lots of water to rebalance the liquids inside your body as well as lessen the dark circles beneath your eyes.

Tip #4:  Limit salty food intake.

A regimen loaded with salt can cause dark, swollen eyes because salt can lead to water retention. You should also stay away from consuming a lot of processed foods because they are prepared with lots of salts to serve as preservatives.

Tip #5:  Eat cucumber.

Putting cold pieces of cucumber above your eyes can help lessen dark circles but only temporary. If you want to make sure you can avoid or even get rid of dark circles found under your eyes, try to consume lots of cucumber slices regularly for an enduring effect.

Tip #6:  Ingesting diuretic may get rid of dark eye circles.

However, these products can be harmful. Instead of ingesting artificial diuretic, try consuming foods that has natural diuretic effect. Excessive intake of artificial diuretics can lead to low potassium inequities and other types of harmful electrolyte disparities as well.

Tip #7:  Preserve proper body hydration.

To maintain proper hydration in your body, you should ingest lots of water, at least 10 glasses daily. Stay away from drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages because they can add to lack of fluids in your body. Make it a point to eat foods with high water content to keep you hydrated.

Tip #8:  Supplement your diet with vitamins.

Make it a point to take in high quality multivitamins daily because darks circles under your eyes may also be due to nutrient insufficiency. Take loads of iron, vitamin C, B, and E which are all necessary for the health of your skin.

Tip #9:  Consume foods loaded with essential fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are vital for lessening tenderness all through your body. If you cannot sufficiently obtain the essential fatty acids from your regular diet, take supplements instead.

The most important thing to remember when using diet to treat dark circles under the eyes is to make sure that you have a balanced meal every day. Your diet can change the way your eyes look in no time.

  • Renodante

    how can they advise to take/eat diuretics, while at the same time telling you to hydrate more? makes no sense.

  • Passiongoddess777

    Renodante, because drinking lots of fluid can also help prevent water retention. If your bloated alot and have a lot of excess water, drinking and hydrating your body can actually solve the problem. When you starve your body of fluids, your body will not be able to flush out things that are holding the water hostage. So in a way, drinking water can be a natural diuretic. Except, the water wont dehydrate you.