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How to Care for Dehydrated Skin – 6 Tips to Have Moisturized Skin

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Dehydrated skin is characterized by skin that is inclined to feel thinner; small and more or less indistinguishable pores; and tingling as well as tautened sensation after washing it or all through the day. If you have dehydrated skin, don’t worry because there are so many ways you can do to replenish the lost moisture from your skin. Dehydrated skin can be cared through some home remedies, by purchasing skin care products, and proper skin care regimen. Here are a few tips on how to care for dehydrated skin.

Care for Dehydrated Skin

Care for Dehydrated Skin

Tip #1:  Prepare the things you may need.

Get ready with the things needed to nourished your parched skin like: mild cream cleanser;gentle and alcohol-free toner especially designed for dry skin; moisturizers that contain glycerin hyaluronic acid or dimethicone; sunscreen with at least 15 SPF; and oil-based cream makeup products.

Tip #2:  Cleanse your face.

When cleansing your face, make sure to use mild cream cleanser that contains humectants like glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Make certain not to use hot water in washing your face. You should only use warm or lukewarm water because hot water can wash off the natural moisture of your skin. However, if your skin is extremely dry; cleanse it only once particularly at night then splatter only a little amount of water the following morning.

Tip #3:  Use a toner.

You should make it a point to use toner that can help hydrate your skin. There are toners that are specially created for dehydrated skin. See to it that the components of the toner include water, glycerin or rose water. Never use toner that contains alcohol.

Tip #4:  Put on some moisturizer.

After toning your face, make sure that the skin is already slightly dry before putting on the moisturizer. But, if you will not use toner, be sure that your skin is still slightly moist following cleansing to seal-in further moisture. You should also see to it that the cream moisturizer you are going to use contains humectants or if you want to have additional moisture in your skin, you can purchase a separate heavier cream that is intended for night use only. If you want a more natural way of moisturizing your skin, you can use olive or coconut oil instead during the night.

Tip #5:  Wear sunscreen during sun exposures.

It is a must that you should always wear sunscreen before exposing yourself under the sun because sun damage can result to dehydrated skin. Make it a point to use a sunscreen that contains SPF 15.

Tip #6:  Choose the right make-up.

If you want to have makeup, wear ones that is oil-based and prefer creams rather than powders. Creamy make-ups can provide you a dewy and fresh appearance instead of giving emphasis to the creases and streaks on your skin.

These are essential tips to consider when taking care of dehydrated skin. Maintain the proper hydration of skin so that the waste and toxins can be eliminated. You can do this to replenish the water that is lost due to perspiration or sweat.