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How to Use 3 Soaps to Heal Eczema on Baby

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Eczema on baby is a condition of the skin that causes itchiness, rashes that can be painful)and white skin bumps that can be irritating. This is also known as atopic dermatitis and according to the American Academy of Dermatology, it affects 20% among children. Once your baby suffers from infantile eczema, try to use gentle, no-detergent moisturizing soaps to treat her itchy skin and help clear up the condition. Here are some soaps that you can use for your baby to heal eczema. Learn how use soap to heal eczema on baby.Eczema in Babies

Tip #1: Using Castile Soap

Castile soap is a non-detergent soap and has olive oil that will help cleanse your baby’s skin and moisturize it as well. Some companies use other vegetable oils in making castile soap so when buying this soap look for natural Castile oil that is made with 100% olive oil. Both solid and liquid castile soap is available. Better use non-fragrance soap because there are some fragrances that can irritate eczema. When olive oil and lye is combined in making castile soap, the soap will contain a large amount of vegetable glycerin which attracts moisture to the baby’s skin, thus helps moisturize and heal the eczema.

Tip #2: Using Oatmeal Soap

Gentle soaps that contain colloidal oatmeal helps relieve itchiness on the baby’s skin. The oatmeal lessens the pH of the baby’s skin bringing it back to normal level. Once the itchiness caused by the eczema is reduced it will heal naturally without scratching. Scratching can lead to sores and infections. The presence of oatmeal in the soap moisturizes the skin thus making it soft. Buy fragrance-free colloidal oatmeal soaps so as not to remove the natural oils of the skin.

Tip #3: Using Goat’s Milk Soap

You can also use goat milk soap to clean your baby’s skin. This is a gentle soap which has a similar pH to that of human skin. Due to its pH content, you can use this soap on both your skin and hair without removing its natural oils. Goat’s milk soap contains natural moisturizing properties that assist in healing the eczema. Aside from this, it also contains lactic acid which is a mild exfoliant that removes dead skin cells making the irritated skin smoother.

Tip #4: Get a Few More Tips

When purchasing soap that can help heal your baby’s eczema, better choose natural soaps which contain a high amount of glycerin to moisturize the baby’s skin. Do not buy commercial soaps containing harsh detergents, fragrances and drying alcohol which can only worsen eczema. Better purchase non-fragrance soaps or soaps that contain healing essential oils as fragrance. Tea tree oil or lavender is an example of essential oils that have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can help soothe and heal inflamed and cracked skin. Bathe your baby for not more than 10-25 minutes so as to prevent over-drying of the skin. Apply moisturizer after bathing.

These are things that will help you use soaps to heal eczema on a baby. You have the options and the reminders. You can all use them to your benefit.