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How to Reduce Excessive Facial Sweating – 10 Tips to Get Rid of Water Flowing on Your Face

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Before looking for remedies on how to lessen facial sweating, it is vital that you should know why your face perspires excessively. You should understand that sweat is secreted by the sweat glands which are situated in the deepest of the several skin layers and reaches the surface through corkscrew-shaped ducts. The amount of water exuded in the sweat daily is around 1-1½ pints that can be more during hot weather and if you are living in the tropics. The chemical reaction is normally acid, or alkaline when profuse. If you want to reduce excessive facial sweating then you must read along.

How to Reduce Excessive Facial Sweating

How to Reduce Excessive Facial Sweating

Tip #1: Learn about different types of facial sweating.

The so-called sensible sweat can be seen and felt on the skin as wetness and small beads; while the insensible sweat evaporates before it has time to show dampness. Profuse perspiration creates thirst due to loss of water as well as fatigue and weakness because of loss of salt. Both must be replaced. Normally, sweating is increased by nervous excitement and reduced by cold.

Tip #2: Do not expect that you can totally stop excessive sweating.

It is not possible to totally eradicate sweat. Admit that you will sweat to some extent. If you want to reduce facial sweating, there are simple tips that you can practice that will help you lessen the problem.

Tip #3:  Modify your diet.

Avoid consuming foods loaded with sweets before sleeping and upon waking up because they can intensify the regular performance of your body thus resulting to excessive sweating, particularly in the region of your head. If you perspire heavily on the face, you should also stay away from drinking a lot of water. Even if the requirement is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, you can lessen the dosage if you are experiencing excessive facial sweating.

Tip #4:  Reduce your intake of some food.

Spicy foods can contribute to excessive facial sweating. It is considered that spicy foods and exercising in the open during extremely hot or cold weather can lead to facial sweating; so if you want to lessen the condition, follow this simple tip.

Tip #5:  Cut down on coffee and cigarettes.

It is a fact that caffeine can stimulate the nervous system as well as trigger the sweat glands so try to lessen coffee intake. Nicotine is also another factor that can activate the sweat glands that trigger your body to discharge acetylcholine resulting to facial or body sweating.

Tip #6:  Utilize loose rice powder on your face rather than the chemically-based cosmetic powder.

Put on a loose rice powder over your face through the aid of a huge makeup brush to avoid facial sweating. You can purchase this product from Asian groceries.

Tip #7:  Consult a dermatologist.

Talking to a dermatologist is a good option to do because they have expertise on the matter. They can recommend particular types of medicines that can help you address facial sweating problem.

Tip #8:  Contemplate on having Botox injections.

Botox injections might help solve facial sweating at some degree. However, this type of treatment should be done only with an experienced practitioner because it needs ability and skillfulness.

Tip #9:  Take oral medicines.

There are some types of oral medicines that your physician can prescribe to address facial sweating, but the result is not enduring.

Tip #10:  Surgery may be recommended.

For extreme cases of facial sweating, surgery is another option to solve the problem. Surgical procedure is considered great in addressing the problem, but it can result a few side effects. This is only the last recourse you can try if the other forms of medication have no avail.

These tips on how to reduce excessive facial sweating should be taken by heart. After all, you do not want other people seeing your wet face.