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How to Stop Excessive Sweating on the Armpits – 4 Tips to Say Goodbye to Watery Underarms

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There are lots of individuals struggling with extreme sweating in their armpits. The predicament usually occurs in their mid or late teens and stay in their lives for many years. Excessive armpit sweating can lead to embarrassment and lose of self-esteem.

Extreme sweating on the armpits is a type of predicament that is difficult to reveal even to your friends and families. There are also notions that excessive sweating of the underarm is due to poor body hygiene which is extremely not correct. Excessive underarm sweating can be averted through some natural means which are quite effective too. Here are tips on how to stop excessive sweating on the armpits.

Stop Excessive Sweating on the Armpits

Stop Excessive Sweating on the Armpits

Tip #1:  Use natural remedies.

If you want to stop excessive underarm sweating, it is better if you will use natural method rather that the antiperspirant bought over-the-counter because majority of these products contain few or no results at all. The natural way of stopping excessive underarm sweating contains the ability to resolve the root cause of the problem, unlike the antiperspirant products that can only lock up to avert the sweating of your armpits. There are natural products which can help eliminate the bacteria causing sweat in your armpit.

These natural products are effective and extremely cheap to use. You can obtain them from your nearby supermarkets or drugstores. However, you have to stop using antiperspirant over-the-counter products as soon as you start using the natural methods to see the optimum result.

Tip #2:  Purchase good quality antiperspirants.

If you do not want to use the natural means of stopping excessive underarm sweating, you can use strong and good quality antiperspirant products rather than ordinary deodorants. The latter’s function is only to eliminate odor and not to stop the sweating. There are types of antiperspirants that can be prescribed by your doctor and you cannot obtain them over-the-counter. The good quality and strong antiperspirant products are quite costly because they contain ingredients that are efficient in stopping excessive sweating. These ingredients contain the ability to stop the sweat channels and put off excessive underarm sweating.

Tip #3:  Oral medication is a good recourse as well.

There are also some types of oral medicines that your doctor may recommend if you have excessive underarm sweating. These oral medicines can put off encouragement of the sweat glands. But, you have to be cautious when taking these oral medications because they can lead to unfavorable side effects like mouth dehydration, lightheadedness and urinary predicaments.

Tip #4:  Try iontophoresis.

If the excessive underarm sweating cannot be prevented by other types of medications, you can undergo iontophoresis. You can ask your physician regarding this type of process. This process requires immersion of armpits in water or electrolyte solution then a faint electrical current is passed transversely on the facade of the skin for about 20 minutes. This process is performed once daily to momentarily put off the performance of the sweat glands and it can last for a few weeks then can gradually be lessened as soon as the treatment takes effect.

These four tips in putting off excessive sweating on the armpits are considered effective when used properly. Remember to consult your doctor for help whenever necessary.