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How to Relieve Extremely Dry Skin with 6 Tips

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Excessively dehydrated skin can cause itchiness and fissures on your skin if not remedied immediately. There are simple skin care regimens that you can practice to avoid extremely dry skin. These skin care routines can help you tremendously in alleviating skin dryness, particularly when the temperature begins to go down. Here is how you can relieve extremely dry skin.

Relieve Extremely Dry Skin

Relieve Extremely Dry Skin

Tip #1:  Take a bath or shower every day.

This is essential in maintaining the required moisture of the skin, but you have to follow basic rules on bathing to support proper hydration of your skin. Make sure that when you bathe, it is done in short time only, at least 5-10 minutes is enough to keep your skin moisturized. If you will shower for too long, your skin will start to dehydrate.

Tip #2: Avoid using hot water when you bathe.

Avoid using hot water when bathing because it can eliminate the natural oils within your skin. Be sure to shut the bathroom door to maintain the humidity inside the room. Do not use skin care products that can be harsh on your skin. Use mild cleansers and moisturizers that are scent-free. Avoid vigorously drying the skin after bathing to preserve the moisture and to prevent skin irritation. Put on moisturizer after three minutes out of shower or bath. This means will help confine the on hand water inside your skin, thus avoiding it from evaporating. When done on a regularly basis, it aids lessen the dehydration and itchiness.

Tip #3: Choose moisturizers that are excellently prepared to alleviate dehydrated skin.

It is considered that ointments and creams are excellently efficient in relieving skin dryness when compared to lotions because they are commonly less annoying to dry and sensitive skin. When choosing a moisturizer, do not look for the price but the ingredients incorporated in it. It does not mean that when the moisturizer is expensive it is already effective. Buy moisturizer products that contain lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone and glycerin because these elements are excellent in relieving stern skin dryness. The other ingredients that you should look for in moisturizers are lanolin, mineral oil and petrolatum because these are efficient in locking in the water within your skin.

Tip #4:  You should also inspect the components of anti-aging products.

Some of them include retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acid that can add to skin’s irritation and itchiness. You may want to consider using other anti aging products without these components.

Tip #5:  Consider some other alterations to your home and clothing.

Put on a humidifier in your home because it can provide the much-needed humidity on the air. Keep away from putting on pieces of clothing that can add more irritation to dry skin and make the problem more serious.

Tip #6:  Provide extra care to your hands.

Your hands deserve additional care because this is the part of your body that dries the most than any further areas of your body. During winter season, try to put on gloves before going out to shield the skin from extreme cold and dry air that can reduce the natural moisture from your skin. It is essential that you should always put on a hand cream following every hand washing to lock-in the moisture. You should also try to put waterproof hand gloves when you are going to immerse your hands in water for an extended period of time.

Extremely dry skin can manifest in any area of the body. It is thereby imperative to pay attention to that particular part before you can relieve yourself from the condition.