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How to Make Eye Bags Disappear – 8 Tricks That Will Reduce the Swelling

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An eye bag is a condition that is caused by distinctive aspects. Since the skin in the region of the eyes is extremely flimsy and is filled with blood vessels, it is tremendously sensitive that is why eye bags cannot be avoided. Eye bags usually fade away when treated with some particular home remedies. However, if it does not fade away through home treatment, you better consult an eye specialist because it may be due to some types of eye ailment. Learning how to make eye bags disappear is not complicated as long as you know the symptoms and causes of the condition. Add to this, you should also consider the following tips.

Make Eye Bags Disappear

Make Eye Bags Disappear

Tip #1:  Use eye creams.

If you want eye bags to fade away, you can try using eye creams and gels that are advertised in the market. This can be your first step in solving the problem.

Tip #2:  Cold compress may help.

You can also try cold compress for several minutes to help reduce the condition. Using this technique can tremendously help eliminate eye bags faster and the outcome will be longer than any other method.

Tip #3:  Try fruits and veggies.

Use some types of fruits and vegetables like strawberry, apple, cucumber, and pieces of potato. These are helpful in making eye bags and skin discoloration disappear from the region of the eyes. They contain nutrients found the eyelid.

Tip #4: Eye exercises can also help.

Eye bags that are due to fluid retention can disappear through some simple exercises like jumping or running up and down the stairs. The gravity can destroy the extra liquid that causes the eye bags. You can also tap the bottom of the eye region slightly with your finger. Do this for 1 minute or so to melt away the fluid that is retained inside the skin of your eyes.

Tip #5: Pay attention to what you eat.

If your eye bag is due to unhealthy lifestyle and diet, pay attention to what you are doing and eating so that you can eliminate the things that intensify the condition.

Tip #6: Raise your head when sleeping.

Raising your head when sleeping can help prevent the gravitational redistribution of liquid that is connected to eye bags. If you want to avoid extreme fluid retention that can contribute to eye bags, you have to consume a low-carbohydrate diet, and foods loaded with vitamins particularly A, C, and E.

Tip #7:  Spoons are worth a try.

Place two sanitized spoons in the freezer and let it stay there for about 10-20 minutes. Put the spoons on top of each eye for around 2 to three minutes to help the swelling subside.

Tip #8:  Slice two uncooked white potatoes.

The pieces of potatoes must be 2 inches thick only. Utilizing sanitized towel or small wash cloth, dampen your eyes with cool water then put the 2 slices of potato on each eye for a minimum of 15 minutes. The coolness of the potato slices will help lessen the eye bags.

Eye bags are not difficult to treat if the condition is not due to eye problems. If natural remedies have no avail in treating them, it is time to consult an eye doctor to solve the problem.