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How to Lose Eye Bags – 10 Tips to Bid Those Fluffy Eyelids Goodbye

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Bulges beneath your eyes can bring weary appearance on your whole face. Even if eye bags can be seem problematic on your part, it is not a result of any severe medical problem. However, if you want to be sure, discuss the matter with your physician so that he/she will properly evaluate the condition and to make sure that there is nothing that you should worry about. If eye bags are not connected to any medical problem, you can remedy it through the use of OTC products or natural home remedies. Here are tips on how to lose eye bags naturally.

Lose Eye Bags

Lose Eye Bags

Tip #1:  Have a siesta.

The most common cause of eye bags is sleep deficiency. It is important that you should have a siesta for at least 15 minutes all throughout the day if you were not able to obtain at least 8 hours of sleep during the night. Having siesta is useful in lessening bags underneath your eyes.

Tip #2:  Use witch hazel.

Soak a cotton pad or ball into witch hazel. Tap it lightly onto the bulges beneath your eyes. This will help reduce them.

Tip #3:  Put an additional pillow beneath your head when you are sleeping.

Do this so that the fluid will not assemble beneath your eyes or this will result to bulges. If you will sleep flat, the liquid under your eyes will come together to create bulges. If you will sleep with an additional pillow under your head, it will let the part below your eyes to draw off instead.

Tip #4:  Try potato.

Slice two bits of chilled uncooked potato into lean, half-moon forms. Put them on the skin beneath your eyes for about 20 minutes to lessen the puffiness.

Tip #5:  Stay away from excessive sodium in your daily diet.

Sodium can result to water retention beneath your eyes thus resulting to eye bags. Lessening the consumption of salt will let the liquid draw off.

Tip #6:  Put tablespoons inside the freezer.

Let them stay there all night. As soon as you wake up the following morning, put the spoons below your lower eyelids to lessen the puffiness.

Tip #7:  Infuse tea bags tenderly.

You may also immerse them in lukewarm water for several minutes. Rest on a reclining position then put the tea bags on your closed eyelids for about 15 minutes to lessen the swelling. You can do this natural remedy few times weekly.

Tip #8:  Abstain from eating dairy products and chocolate as well.

You should also stay away from exposing yourself to established allergens like dander, dust, pollens and feathers. These can cause nasal congestion thus resulting to eye bags as well.

Tip #9:  Drink plenty of water.

Ingest lots of water to make sure that your body will not retain additional water that can cause eye bags.

Tip #10:  Consume foods and drinks that are freshly prepared and organically grown.

Supplement essential fatty acids like omega-3 or flaxseed into your regular regimen. You should stay away from consuming red meats and foods loaded with sweets. Minimize caffeine and salt intake because all of these can help retain water and can intensify bulges under your eyes.

You can always lessen the look of eye bags. The secret is on how you take suggestions by heart. You have read all the recommendations herein thus it is up for you to make the final decision.