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How to Conceal Facial Red Spots – 4 Tips to Eliminate Facial Redness

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Acne or pimples is one of the most common reasons that cause the appearance of red spots on the face. Acne is developed because of an overactive sebaceous gland and leaves red or dark brown colored scars or marks as they heal. Hiding facial redness due to these spots can be fairly simple if you know the right products to use. Any noticeable imperfections on your face can be concealed to boost your self-image. But first you must decide which color corrector is right for you. With just a little practice, you’ll have no problem hiding those worrisome red spots. Here are tips on how to conceal facial red spots and be attractive all the time.

Conceal Facial Red Spots

Conceal Facial Red Spots

Tip#1: Know what you need.

This is needed if you want to make sure you are using the right products to conceal facial redness. Prepare all the things you’ll need such as cleanser, moisturizer, yellow-based concealer, facial makeup, makeup sponge, loose face powder, and powder brush.

Tip # 2 – Wash your face using a  non-abrasive creamy cleanser.

Pat your face with a clean towel. Moisturize your skin from the face upward and pat the skin dry again to remove any excess moisture. Apply some yellow–based concealer on the tip of your finger and tap the red spots. Let the yellow–based concealer dry for a few seconds and repeat the application to make the second layer. By using a foundation sponge, tap it over the area that you want to conceal. Dust your face using loose facial powder. In doing this, use a big brush and apply it with a light stroke. Start on the forehead area down to your face.

Tip # 3 – Get oil free moisturizer, green concealer, and tan concealer.

Just make sure to choose and buy good quality skin care products. If you don’t know what to choose, talk to the person in charge of selling these products and they will help you find the right color for you. Dab a small amount of moisturizer on the spot you wish to conceal. Then dab a small amount of green colored concealer. Just dab; don’t rub because if you rub the concealer it won’t mix properly. The green colored concealer will even out with the red spot making it look more natural. Make sure to apply only enough amounts. You can apply some foundation before putting on a tiny bit of tan concealer. And again, just enough, not too much and remember to dab and not rub.

Tip # 4 – Wash your face thoroughly and apply enough moisturizer.

Wait for around 5 minutes to give time for the skin to absorb the moisturizer. Choose the best corrector concealer for your skin color. You can use cream beige concealer with mineral foundations. Put the corrector either on your fingertips or on the foundation sponge. Dab the concealer and apply ONLY to the affected area. Don’t apply concealer to the whole face. Reapply concealer if necessary to hide red spots thoroughly. Then apply your foundation normally.

There are lots of over-the-counter help and other solutions to try if you want to conceal facial red spots. So don’t panic! Little flare-ups can be prevented if you only know how to hide these unsightly blemishes.