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How to Naturally Remove Facial Scars – 5 Tips Will Go a Long Way

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Naturally removing facial scars is the cheapest way of getting rid of unwanted scars on your face. Facial scars are usually the result of acne. You can naturally remove them through using homemade recipes or concoction of different fruits and other types of foods that can be found in your kitchen. Here are tips on how to naturally remove facial scars.

Naturally Remove Facial Scars

Naturally Remove Facial Scars

Tip #1:  Try citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits, particularly lemon, are considered purely efficient in removing facial scars because of its capability to destroy bacteria that can worsen your skin. You can just put on the lemon juice on the parts of the face with scars to help destroy the bacteria and to begin the curing procedure. Put on the lemon juice prior to going to bed and let it stay the whole night. Rinse it off the following morning with sterile lukewarm water. Lemon juice can considerably lessen the quantity of scars not only on your face but in other areas of your body that have scars.

Tip #2:  Use cocoa or Shea butter.

This is another type of natural remedy that you can try if you want to remove facial scars. Cocoa or Shea butter is considered extremely effective in removing facial scars due to acne. Both are very simple to use. You can just put either of these two on the affected area. However, you should perform a patch test first before applying it on your face to make sure that you will not have any reaction to these natural remedies.

Tip #3:  Honey and nutmeg solution.

This is another natural remedy that can help remove facial scars too. You only have to mix a teaspoon of honey to a teaspoon of nutmeg. Mix them well then put the mixture on your face and let it stay for precisely 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Tip #4:  Castile soap and honey combination.

The combination of these two is effective in moisturizing your skin particularly on the area of the scars. Simply moisten your face with water then spill out a small amount of castile soap onto the palm of your hands and put a teaspoon of honey. Lather the blend of soap and honey and wash your face with it. You can perform this treatment two times a week or until the facial scars have reduced considerably. The blend of honey and castile soap will help regain the smooth look of your face because the scars are also removed.

Tip #5:  Use organic makeup.

There are good quality organic cosmetics that can help conceal facial scars, particularly if they have not been fully eliminated yet by the natural means you had tried. This organic makeup can give you a smooth and beautiful face. Its lightweight and ultra-blend formulations that can help hydrate your skin and transmit buildable light to minimum treatment for an even and natural finish on your face. It contains SPF 15 that purely shields your skin against environmental mutilation. It is filled with organic orange water that is useful in nourishing as well as restoring the natural moisture of your skin. It is augmented with 100% natural tree fern extracts that can immediately tone and firm the skin containing facial scars.

These are tips on how to naturally remove facial scars. You can choose from readily available concoctions over-the-counter or you might as well opt for your own blended solution.

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