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How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Coffee Grounds – 8 Steps will Do the Trick

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Cellulite is a type of skin form produced by fat sediments beneath your skin thus resulting to an orange-peel look. This skin form mostly has an effect on females than males. Even if there are lots of over-the-counter products that are advertised to help eliminate cellulite, you can try using coffee grounds on the parts of your body where this skin forms to lessen its appearance. The caffeine established in coffee is considered useful in proper blood surge in the region of cellulite to reduce its accumulation. Here is how you can get rid of cellulite with coffee grounds.

Get Rid of Cellulite with Coffee Grounds

Get Rid of Cellulite with Coffee Grounds

Step #1:  Blend ¼ cup of ground coffee and one tablespoon olive oil in a bowl.

Make sure that the texture of the mixture has paste consistency. Make sure that the mixture is blended thoroughly before applying it onto the skin affected by cellulite.

Step #2:  Massage the prepared blend on the entire part of your body with cellulite.

You must vigorously massage the coffee onto the skin with cellulite so that the caffeine will have the opportunity to penetrate these areas. This will allow the concoction to work when getting rid of cellulite.

Step #3:  Wrap the blend.

Make sure to wrap the massaged blend on the cellulite region using coatings of plastic cover so that it can fasten extremely onto your skin. Let the cover remain in place for about five minutes.

Step #4:  Wash the parts where the coffee ground mixture was placed.

Take away the plastic covering. Allow your skin to breathe before removing the residues left by the coffee grounds. Carefully wash the parts with lukewarm water.

Step #5:  Buy lotions instead of making your own mixture.

Do the coffee grounds treatment for cellulite at least two times a week until the appearance of cellulite is reduced or eliminated. If you do not want to make your own coffee grounds mixture, buy a lotion or body scrub instead that contain coffee ground ingredients. The result will be similar, although there are less coffee grounds found in these products rather that what you can obtain from putting the coffee precisely onto your skin.

Step #6:  Try another concoction.

Another way of using coffee grounds for cellulite is to blend ½ cup of coffee grounds and 2-3 splatters of olive oil. Utilize sufficient amount of olive oil to make a spreadable consistency. Be sure to blend both the coffee grounds and olive oil meticulously.

Step #7:  Rub this new concoction on your skin.

Rub down the blend precisely onto the region of your skin influenced by cellulite. You should rub the mixture in huge and tiny circles motion on all the parts affected by cellulite.

Step #8:  Cover the entire treated area with plastic wrap then turn your whole body inside the blanket.

It is excellent if you will make your body warmer, to get the desired effect form coffee grounds wrap. It is also best if you will stay in a warm room during the time when you wrap yourself in the coffee grounds. This will help you sweat to discharge the toxins from your skin. Do the coffee grounds wrap for about 20 minutes before taking away the blanket as well as the plastic cover. Rinse the fusion from the nursed skin using tepid water then dry it with a towel.

These steps combine some tricks to use coffee grounds when getting rid of cellulite. Make sure you try any of the alternatives provided above. It may take some time before you see results but it will be well worth it in the long run.