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7 Tips on How to Remove Hyperpigmentation Caused by Acne

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Hyperpigmentation or extreme skin discoloration on the face is the result of irritation left after the wound had been cured. It is usually established as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which will fade away in due time. By the time the irritation reduces, the hyperpigmentation will become more unnoticeable until it fades away completely. However, this does not mean that you should no longer try treating it to enhance the look of your skin. You can always discuss the matter with your dermatologist to decide on the most excellent treatment you can have to remove hyperpigmentation caused by acne lesions. You may also consider the following tips.

Remove Hyperpigmentation Caused by Acne

Remove Hyperpigmentation Caused by Acne

Tip #1:  Put on a fade cream.

Diminishing creams that include hydroquinone is useful in eliminating the hyperpigmentation left by acne lesions. You can put on a light coating precisely on the affected region of the skin.

Tip #2:  Massage a bleaching cream.

This can be acquired with prescription. Put it on the hyper-pigmented area. You should use the bleaching cream as directed to see optimum results. Prescription bleaching cream will only be used if the over-the-counter product you tried didn’t give you the desired result.

Tip #3:  Use retinoid.

You can improve the hyperpigmentation by using retinoid instead of prescription hydroquinone. Your dermatologist can prescribe topical retinoid to eliminate post-inflammatory stains connected with acne.

Tip #4:  Try chemical peel.

If you want to remove hyperpigmentation immediately to acquire more beautiful skin, you can undergo chemical peel that is performed by a professional skin care specialist or just get a prescribed chemical peel from your dermatologist. A chemical peel contains salicylic acid that is precisely placed on to the skin to burn the epidermis away and stimulate the development of fresh skin cells. There are also some forms of chemical peel that you can use for hyperpigmentation like lactic acid, glycolic acid and Kojic acid.

Tip #5:  Try the microdermabrasion technique.

If you do not want to use chemical peel, you can try microdermabrasion to eliminate hyperpigmentation on your skin. This technique buffs away the exterior cells of the epidermal coating to instigate the development of fresh skin cells. It can also lessen the irritation connected to hyperpigmentation and diminishes the region of blemish.

Tip #6:  Use Cryotherapy.

This is another technique you can try to remove or disintegrate the blemish resulting from acne. But, this should only be performed if all of the other treatments failed to enhance your skin. This type of procedure requires freezing of the affected regions of the skin using dry ice thus resulting to the diminishing of hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Tip #7:  Try the natural way of removing hyperpigmentation.

There is a natural way to remove hyper-pigmentation by using lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar and water. For lemon-honey mask, you can prepare 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 4 tablespoons honey until it turns out into paste consistency. Rub on the mask onto the affected region through your fingertips until your skin had been coated with a thick layer of the blend. Let it stay for about 10 minutes before cleansing it with cool water then dab it dry with cloth or towel. For excellent outcome, do the remedy once a day for a duration of three weeks.

Another natural remedy you can use is apple-cider skin lightening. You can prepare 3 tbsp. apple cider vinegar and 3 tbsp. water then with cotton balls apply it on the affected area until the skin had been coated. Let it stay for 20 minutes before rinsing and drying it. You can do the treatment two times a day for a duration of three weeks.

These seven tips will go a long way when you want to conceal hyperpigmentation caused by acne. Make sure you seek expert’s help whenever necessary.