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How to Deal with Winter Itchy Skin – 5 Tips to Keep a Smile on Your Face

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Extreme cold weather can result to winter itchy skin. Wintertime dilemma happens due to fluctuating temperature during this time. During winter, the temperature goes down tremendously and the atmosphere turns out to be extremely cold and parched.  If you habitat contains a central heating system, you should have a humidifier so that the problem will not worsen.  Add to that, you must learn how to deal with winter itchy skin.

Deal with Winter Itchy Skin

Deal with Winter Itchy Skin

Tip #1:  Humidify your abode.

Using a heating system during this time of the year will only contribute to winter itchy skin; that is why you need to humidify your home especially the room where you sleep. A humidifier will not only help in maintaining the dampness in your room, it will also aid in lessening the danger of colds and viruses occurring during wintertime.

Tip #2:  Alter bathing time or shower practices.

During winter season, it is important that you alter your bathing practices. For instance, if you are accustomed to bathing two times daily, make it once a day instead. Utilize a soap that contains moisturizer so that your skin will not be robbed off with its natural oils. If you want to bathe in a tub instead of shower, make sure to put on bath oil in the water. After bathing, it is important that you should apply a good and thick moisturizing lotion while your skin is still moist. You should also make it a point not to stay too long in a bath or shower to avoid drying your skin further.

Tip #3:  Shield your skin when you want to expose it on open air.

If you want to perform outdoor leisure activities or winter sports during cold temperature, make sure to wrap up your skin so that it will not be extremely exposed to the cold weather. Make certain that your skin is protected with thick coating of moisture during extremely cold temperature and put on petroleum jelly to your lips for further defense during this season.

Tip #4:  Keep away from rubbing winter itchy skin tremendously.

Dehydrated skin will result to itchiness and irritation. If this happens, make sure not to scratch your skin, moisturize it instead to reduce itchiness. Thickening of the skin will happen if you will tremendously scratch your skin and if this happens you will have a hard time managing the problem. If you feel tremendous itching, apply petroleum jelly or mineral oil to lessen the inclination to rub the skin.

Tip #5:  Do not skip to put on sunscreen.

Make it a point to put on sunscreen always even if it is winter time. There are moisturizing sunscreens specifically formulated for sensitive skin which can help alleviate dry skin condition during winter. If possible, use sunscreen intended for children because it has natural botanical ingredients which can help prevent drying and itchiness.

During winter, it is important to take good care of your skin properly to avoid making it dry and irritated. There are so many natural remedies you can do to maintain the natural moisture of your skin not only during winter, but during dry season as well. Keep the tips mentioned above and deal with winter itchy skin with a smile.