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How to Stop Itchy Skin – 10 Tips to Avoid Further Inflammation

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Itchy skin is caused by a lot of factors such as poison ivy, atopic eczema, chicken pox, scabies, contact dermatitis or insect bites. Preventing the itchiness and the scratching succession is essential to avoid contamination. Finding ways and means to stop itchiness on your skin is considered useful to avoid additional bulges, eruptions and problems. Here are tips on how to stop itchy skin.

Stop Itchy Skin

Stop Itchy Skin

Tip #1:  Obtain a diagnosis for skin itching.

It is important that you should set an appointment with your doctor for proper diagnosis of itchy skin and learn what is causing the problem. Proper diagnosis will help remedy the problem because you will be given the proper medication for the cause of itchiness on your skin.

Tip #2:  Use calamine lotion.

There are particular types of rashes that can be remedied through the use of calamine lotion. This includes poison ivy, sumac, chicken pox, bites from red ants and prickly heat. Calamine lotion contains the ability to lessen the irritation caused by the bites of red ants.

Tip #3:  Moisturize.

Some types of skin itchiness caused by skin problems like atopic eczema, nummular eczema and other types of dermatitis can be remedied through the use of moisturizing lotions or oils to discontinue the dehydration and cracking. Without the aid of moisturizers, these types of skin problems will be hard to cure. On the other hand, if you have tinea versicolor or fungus rash, you should not use moisturizers because the more they will be worsened due to the moisture.

Tip #4:  Try antihistamines.

Antihistamine medicines like Benadryl or Claritin are useful in reducing many types of itchiness due to skin rashes. However, you should not take antihistamines during the day because it can cause drowsiness.

Tip #5:  Take oatmeal baths.

Immersing yourself in an oatmeal bath is considered extremely useful in lessening itchiness. This will lessen several kinds of rashes as well as decrease the irritation.

Tip #6:  Control stress.

It is a fact that stress can aggravate skin itching. If you want to lessen the problem, avoid excessive stress. Instead of delving on the skin problem you have to practice some forms of relaxing exercises.

Tip #7:  Jot down all the kinds of lotions, creams and oil you are using.

This will help determine the source of skin itchiness. You should also make a food diary to help you realize the kinds of foods that cause allergic responses.

Tip #8:  Try tepid water bath.

Do this instead of hot water bath because even if the latter can help relax your tired muscles, it can also weaken your skin’s natural oil which can lead to dehydration and itchiness. You should also lessen your time of bathing.

Tip #9:  Make it a habit to put on moisturizer after taking a bath or shower.

Try this after approximately three minutes.  You should not also vigorously dry your skin or you will not be able to lock in your desired moisture.

Tip #10:  Use cortisone creams.

If your skin is exceptionally inflamed, you can use cortisone creams or ointment to lessen the irritation. But, if the itchiness is not alleviated by these types of medications, ask your physician for a prescription medicine.

You have to stop itchy skin to stop inflammation. In this regard, you can follow the tips mentioned above then if irritation still seems to occur you have to consult your dermatologist.


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    Sugar has a major affect on my skin. Cut down on the amount of sugar, this will have a major affect on itchyness