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How to Use Treatments for Keloid Scars – 6 Tips to Manage Scars from a Keloid

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A keloid or also known as “keloidal scar”, is a type of scar that is composed of mainly either type III (early stage) or type I (late stage). A keloid scar is a result of an overgrowth in granulation tissue (collagen type 3) at the site of a healed injury which is then replaced by collagen type I. The characteristics of keloids are firm, rubbery lesions, or shiny and fibrous nodules. Colors may vary from pink to flesh – colored or red to dark brown. This is benign and non- contagious, but sometimes this is accompanied by severe itchiness and pain, and often changes in texture. They also tend to get worse than getting better. There are different kinds of treatments to lessen or to even take away the scar. Here are tips to know more about how to use treatments for keloid scars.

Treatments for Keloid Scars

Treatments for Keloid Scars

Tip #1: Learn why keloid scars form.

Most often, keloid scars appear as a pink or purple growth. Sometimes a keloid scar may appear on your skin after an injury instead healing properly. Sometimes keloid scars can also appear after a pimple or any form of piercing on skin. It usually starts out small and may grow bigger. You will know if keloid is starting to form if you see an irregular shaped mass on your body that will not go away but continues to grow. Keloids are unattractive and sometimes itchy. They also tend to grow over and cover the whole injured area. Keloids can be found in number of places in your body, but most commonly they are found in earlobes, arms, back, and chest.

Tip #2: Try the surgical treatment for keloid scars.

There are numerous treatments available to get rid of keloid scars. One way is to remove this through surgery. Although somewhat expensive, but these kind of treatment is effective. But you must also keep in mind that keloids could come back. But if you combine other treatments other than surgery, keloid scars are less likely to come back.

Tip #3: Try steroid injections.

Another treatment is to undergo steroid injections to reduce the size of the scar. If you want a less expensive treatment, you can use topical gel like Mederma that will help lessen the appearance of keloid scars.

Tip #4: Cryotherapy or freezing is also used.

This is to improve the appearance of keloid scars. This works by applying some liquid nitrogen to the affected area in an attempt to flatten it. But sometimes, this kind of treatment can leave the surrounding area to become permanently darker.

Tip #5: Take care of your skin.

The best way to prevent keloid scars is to take care of your skin especially if the injury is still under the process of healing. Having a good diet is one way on how you can take care of your skin. Skin problems like acne or infection should be treated immediately to minimize areas of inflammation that could worsen the wound and later on could form into a keloid scar.

Tip #6: Know the products you are buying.

When buying skin products, you should always read the labels to know the ingredients of the product. This can help you avoid irritations especially if you are allergic to some of the ingredients. To be sure, visit your dermatologist before trying anything on your skin.

These six tips are considered great options to treat keloid scars. You should take care of your skin and buy a product that is safe and effective for your consumption. Remember not to prick on the scars as well.

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