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How to Manage Keratosis Pilaris – 6 Tips That Will Free You From Your Worries

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Keratosis is a horny overgrowth of the skin. There are many kinds of keratoses, most of them benign but a few are malignant. Keratosis pilaris is one kind of keratoses that is also identified as chicken skin and is considered an exceptionally ordinary skin form. It is distinguished through coarse uneven skin on the external surface of the upper arms, thighs, and shoulders.

Keratosis pilaris is ugly but it is not dangerous. One of the contributing factors associated to this type of skin condition is hereditary circumstance. Redness and uneven skin texture are the outcome of too much increase of skin cells in the region of hair follicles. Even if there is still no remedy established yet for keratosis pilaris, you can control the condition through proper skin care which is centered on efficient exfoliation to avoid too much skin swelling. Here are tips on how to manage keratosis pilaris.

Manage Keratosis Pilaris

Manage Keratosis Pilaris

Tip #1:  Prepare the things needed for managing Keratosis pilaris.

You should have a mild cleanser, exfoliating agent like apricot kernel scrub, exfoliating products that contain AHA, BHA, and tretenoin, and calming but not comedogenic moisturizer ready.

Tip #2:  Wash the parts of your body affected with keratosis pilaris.

Make sure you are always using gentle cleanser. The most ideal cleanser to use is the one that does not contain perfume. If you want to smell good, you can choose those that are gently fragranced. Avoid buying products that can block your pores. After cleansing the area, dry it tenderly.

Tip #3:  Exfoliate the skin with keratosis pilaris.

This is with a scrub that contains natural exfoliating properties like artificial polishing beads, apricot kernel, almond meal or sugar. Make sure to scrub your skin tenderly to eliminate dead skin cells and not to irritate the affected parts further.

Tip #4:  Put on lotion or gel.

Choose one that contains chemical exfoliating assets like AHA, BHA, or tretinoin to promote combating increase of dead skin cells. The substances that are established to help combat keratosis pilaris consist of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, azaelic acid, or tretinoin cream such as retin A. Make sure that the lotion or gel containing the mentioned ingredients is soaked up completely by the skin.

Tip #5:  Utilize a moisturizer that is both calming and non-comedogenic.

This is necessary so that the redness can be lessened and the skin will be calmed. Choose moisturizers that contain ingredients such as green tea, sea weed, German chamomile, urea or hyaluronic acid. You can utilize the medication mentioned above two to three times weekly. Regularity is the main factor to be considered if you want to lessen and manage keratosis pilaris. If you will stop the medication abruptly as soon as you see good result, there is a great possibility that the skin condition will recur.

Tip #6:  Consume foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A.

This is to help fight keratosis pilaris from the inside. The type of foods that are considered excellent in avoiding and controlling keratosis pilaris include  cold water fish, foods full of vitamin A like egg yolk and plant-based beta carotene like carrots.

Managing keratosis pilaris is not difficult. You only have to take good care of your skin properly and eat the right kinds of foods for the skin condition.