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How to Smooth Over Open Pores – 5 Tips to Make Large Pores Appear Smoother than Usual

The skin is composed of small pores that have hair follicles and oil glands that produce natural oils to soften the epidermis of the skin. The sizes of the pores differ according to every individual. There are people who are gifted with tiny skin pores; which is why the look of their skin is smooth and flawless, and there are also people who have large pores that may be due to some reasons or their genetic attribute. The open pores usually give an ugly appearance on your skin because of the accumulated oil and dirt inside it. Fortunately, you do not have to worry too much on this because there are so many ways you can do to smooth over open pores.

Smooth Over Open Pores

Smooth Over Open Pores

Tip #1:  Clean your face.

Make sure to cleanse your face two times a day using a mild cleanser that can help eradicate extra dirt and oil from your skin. Open and larger pores can result from excessive oil inside your skin.

Tip #2:  Use the right cream for moisturizing purposes.

If possible, put on a skin cream that has alpha hydroxyl acids such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and other fruit acids. These acids are useful in eradicating dead skin cells that remain in the region of your pores thus creating an open pore.

Tip #3:  Put on creams that can help minimize the pores.

Do this right after the skin cream had been absorbed by the skin.  Pore minimizers operate similar to a putty to open pores, filling up the openings and creating a smooth, even skin look. Put the skin minimizer on the parts with open pores and let it be absorbed by the skin prior to putting on your makeup.

Tip #4: Exfoliate.

Exfoliate your face with facial scrub once a week to promote better skin cells. You can buy facial scrubs from your favorite drugstores or superstores. It is very easy to do a facial scrub. You only have to dampen your face before applying the facial scrub in a spherical movement then as soon as you finish doing it, wash away the scrub with lukewarm water.

Tip #5:  Using sunscreen is important.

It is important that you should put on sunscreen all the time if you want to expose yourself under the sun not only to prevent sunburn, but to avoid having open pores. Extremely exposing yourself under the sun can help accelerate the natural aging process of your body because the collagen fibers that help maintain the pores will break down thus resulting to the pores becoming open. It is advisable if you will put on sunscreen that contains at least SPF 15 before going out of the sun.

Just like any other types of skin conditions, open pores can be prevented as well as reduced. Simple basic skin care is all you need. You can remedy the problem by simple solutions or you can ask the advice of a dermatologist or doctor if you want to eliminate the problem immediately. These tips will always be of great help to deal with this type of problem.