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How to Burn Skin Moles – 7 Tips to Make the Process Work

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Moles on skin are not usually a medical threat. However, there are certain cases wherein moles can be cancerous that is why they have to be treated with a specialist. Ordinary moles can be removed without spending too much for medical charges. One of the most common ways to remove skin moles is through burning.

You can use only a few usual household items to do the process. However, make sure that you are not scared of needles or self-inflicted pain so that you can perform it. Burning skin moles is considered extremely fast and easy and it is a natural means that do not require harmful chemicals or sutures. Here are tips on how to burn skin moles.

Burn Skin Moles

Burn Skin Moles

Tip # 1: Check with the Doctor.

Prior performing the burning of skin moles, make sure that the mole you are going to burn is not cancerous. Try to see a doctor first to make sure that the mole is just an ordinary one.

Tip #2: Get ready with your instruments or tools to burn skin moles.

Prepare the things needed for the procedure like: needle, lighter, cotton balls, apple cider vinegar, bandages and vitamin E oil.

Tip #3: Use the sewing needle.

Get a sewing needle and heat its tip on a burning flame to sanitize. Rub the needle that had cool down tenderly on top of the mole until it develops an unfasten lesion.  Gently scratch the whole mole, but be certain that you will not scratch it profoundly to avoid the development of scar and be sure not to burn the neighboring skin as well.

Tip #4: Use the cotton ball.

Get a tiny portion of the cotton ball and immerse it in apple cider vinegar and put it on top of the wound you had made. Put on a bandage above the cotton ball so that the apple cider vinegar will be absorbed by the wound. Make sure you let the cotton ball stay on the wound the whole day. The apple cider vinegar prevents the development of scar as well as ward off infection.

Tip #5: Replace the cotton balls as often as necessary.

Change the previous cotton ball with a new one that is also immersed in apple cider vinegar. Do the replacement three times daily and be sure that it is also secured with bandage. In a small number of days, you will start to see the development of a scab on top of the previous mole.

Tip #6:  Do not pick the scab at all.

Let it drop by itself to avoid the danger of obtaining a scar. As soon as the scab drops, the mole will fade away or reduce its color to a large extent.

Tip #7:  Massage the area where moles on skin were removed.

Massage a small amount of vitamin E oil on top of the newly cured skin to avoid scarring and so as not to let the skin harden. Place the oil on top of the skin daily until the time when the skin appears fully cured. You may wait up to two weeks before seeing the outcome of the burning of skin moles.

If you cannot perform the tips above on how to burn skin moles, ask the help of someone to assist you in doing the process. It may seem an easy task but it is not for you if you cannot perform it.