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How to Deal with Freckles – 8 Natural Tips to Manage the Skin Problem

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Freckles are harmless small, brown pigmented spots or blemishes on the skin, produced by exposure to the sun’s rays or to ultraviolet light (whether from natural or artificial sources). They are rather like localized sunburns and are collections of melanin pigment formed by the cells of the skin as a protection against any further action of ultraviolet rays. People with red or blond hair and light skin are distinctly more prone to freckles than those who have darker skin.

Freckles usually appear starting from the seventh or eighth year of your life and remain from then on, receding or fading in the winter and reappearing more distinctly in the summer. If the skin is protected or shaded from the sun, their appearance will be retarded.  Add to that, you can also deal with freckles through the following.

Deal with Freckles

Deal with Freckles

Tip #1:  Use ointments made to protect you from the sun.

There are some forms of ointments that contain ability to shield out the ultraviolet rays of the sun and prevent freckles from appearing.

Tip #2:  Try some special cosmetics.

Freckles may be removed by special cosmetics in ointment form which cause the skin to peel. However, these ointments include substances that are harmful and may well cause dangerous irritation to the skin. These forms of medications must not be used on children or adults without medical supervision. The worst thing is, freckles can be removed by these preparations, but they cannot be prevented from coming back.

Tip #3:  Use hydroquinone.

This is another type of treatment that you can try to deal with freckles, but one of the disadvantages of using this product is it can cause irritation on your skin.

Tip #4:  Try Kojic acid.

This is a natural product which is a by-product of fungi and was first established in Japan. It is considered extremely efficient in remedying skin pigmentation and is mild on the skin as well. Its main function is to penetrate the upper layers of the skin to slow down the development of pigmentation.

Tip #5:  Use Alpha-hydroxy acids.

These types of acids are usually established in fruits. They are useful in discarding old cells rapidly as well as in eliminating the outer skin cells; that is why they are also useful in lessening the evidence of freckles.

Tip #6:  Try sour milk.

This is a natural remedy that can help you deal with freckles. You can wash your face or the skin with freckles using sour milk. The lactic acid found in sour milk is considered to have a mild peeling substance that cannot dry nor irritate your skin.

Tip #7:  Use lemon juice.

This is another type of natural solution that can help in managing freckles. You can massage your skin lightly with lemon juice using your fingers to lessen its appearance if not totally eliminate them.

Tip #8:  Try fruit and vegetable masks.

Certain types of fruits and vegetables like apricots, strawberries, cucumbers, red currants, and lemon juice can be made into masks and can be applied on the freckles. Lemon juice mask is recommended for oily skin only because if your skin is dry and you will use lemon juice, it will lead to skin irritation. Aside from making masks out of these fruits, you can also incorporate vitamin C in your diet or eat fruits and vegetables loaded with it.

These are tips that are considered effective in managing freckles. Make sure you choose one which you think will suit your condition best.