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How to Treat Pimples Naturally – 9 Tips that Do Not Require Surgical Procedures

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Pimples are crops of small whitish or reddish lumps on the skin of the face, chest, and back due to acne, usually accompanied by an oily skin and blackheads.  The little lumps contain comedones or clumps of thickened oily secretion from the sebaceous glands, and also pus when infected. The underlying cause is said to be over-activity of the sexual glands with excessive secretion of testosterone in makes and progesterone in females. The disfigurement of pimples causes great mental distress in adolescence, but the disorder usually abates by the 20’s. Add to that, you can also consider tips on how to treat pimples naturally.

How to Treat Pimples Naturally

How to Treat Pimples Naturally

Tip #1: Proper skin care.

You should wash your skin thoroughly with soap and water to remove thickened surface layers. Use medicated soap and hot water in cleansing your face rather than harsh creams and cosmetics that can lead to further outbreaks. You should avoid the use of creams and cosmetics which can help clog the sebaceous glands. The use of sulfur and resorcinol are useful. You can apply it locally on the affected area.

Tip #2: Avoidance of pimple-triggering foods may also be practiced.

Pimples in milder form can usually be controlled by rigorous routine of cleanliness and the avoidance of rich desserts, fried foods and cola beverages.

Tip #3: Consider options provided by the doctor.

Sun lamp treatments and medications containing vitamin A may be used under a doctor’s supervision.

Tip #4: Do not squeeze the pimple.

Pimples should not be squeezed since this method of eliminating pus can lead to a more serious infection.

Tip #5:  Seek expert guidance.

Adolescents are especially sensitive about their appearance and should not be teased about their pimples. A youngster whose emotional well-being is seriously threatened with pimples may require few sessions with a sympathetic psycho-therapist for the necessary reassurance that pimples in most cases are only temporary condition.

Tip #6: Use some blends that will help.

Careful treatment using coconut oil a number of times daily and before going to bed can also help treat pimples the natural way. Another way of treating pimples the natural way is the blend of cornstarch, egg whites and milk of magnesia to serve as a facial mask.

Tip #7:  Yoga and Tai Chi exercises.

These are two types of exercises that can help intensify the blood circulation in the skin to sustain the healing procedure. Aside from that, they can also improve the situation of your internal organs to allow them to eradicate pollutants more efficiently.

Tip #8: Choose the right cosmetics.

Avoid using several types of cosmetics or creams that are loaded with harmful chemicals. These will further help remove the natural oils from your skin while at the same time your skin will overproduce oil to counteract the lost natural oil.

Tip #9:  Alter your diet and lifestyle.

If you will take time changing your diet and lifestyle, you will definitely see considerable development on your pimples in just a matter of weeks. Eating and living healthy will improve not only your digestive system but your entire body structure as well thus resulting to a pimple-free skin.

Treating pimples is so simple, particularly if you will remedy it as soon as it appears. The natural way of treating them is more advantageous rather than undergoing the more abrasive ways of curing them. Treat pimples as any of your other skin conditions.

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