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How to Treat Face Psoriasis – 7 Tips to Lessen Irritation on Your Face

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that disfigures the faces and bodies of millions with recurrent red scaly patches. It is neither contagious nor dangerous, but it can affect both men and women alike. It may start during teenage years, coming and going all throughout the life span of the individual. Individuals with face psoriasis can lose their self-esteem because of the embarrassment they feel. It usually appears on the eyebrows, forehead, skin amid the nose and upper lips as well as on the hairline. This is why many people would want to treat face psoriasis. Here are tips you may undertake if you have this problem.

Treat Face Psoriasis

Treat Face Psoriasis

Tip #1:  List down precautions.

People who have facial psoriasis in whatever form should not expect to be cured by any of the well-advertised patent medicines or special preparations, or by counterfeiters who promise quick and easy cures. Such cures are at best worthless and at worst, harmful.

Tip #2:  Use topical steroids.

This is also known as corticosteroids. Its main aim is to lessen the redness as well as the inflammation on the face due to psoriasis. However, this type of facial psoriasis medication must be done cautiously because it can lead to further irritation if left for a long period of time on the skin. Even if you can acquire corticosteroid creams in an assortment of strengths, you should still see to it that it will not cause any probable reactions on your face.

Tip #3:  Use calcipotriene or tazarotene.

Calcipotriene is the artificial variety of vitamin D3 while tazarotene is stemmed from vitamin A. Both of these medicines can only be acquired through prescription.

Tip #4:  Take a look at list of over-the-counter facial psoriasis products.

There are some types of ointments or creams you can avail over-the-counter that can help lessen the irritation and the scaly skin of facial psoriasis. However, you have to make sure that the product you are going to purchase contains salicylic acid because it is one type of peeling agent that can help get rid of the exterior coating of the skin. Salicylic acid can usually cure lots of skin predicaments, but in the case of psoriasis, it can only lessen and eliminate the scales.  Make sure not to overdo putting products with salicylic on your face because it may irritate the skin.

Tip #5:  Try phototherapy.

The treatment consists of oral doses of the photoactive drug and exposure to a high-intensity long-wave ultraviolet light system. Even if the result of this type of treatment for facial psoriasis is still considered preliminary and in most cases require maintenance therapy, it could lead to a safe and effective method of dealing with facial psoriasis.

Tip #6:  Mild exposure to sunlight.

If you cannot afford the more expensive way of treating facial psoriasis, you can expose your face to sunlight for a short period of time daily to relieve the itchiness and scaling.

Tip #7: Skin care should also be a top priority.

Use good quality moisturizers which are ointment-based to help lessen itchiness, inflammation and scaling of the skin.

Even if there are still no proven treatments yet that can completely cure psoriasis, the good thing is it can be controlled considerably. You can always invest in some reliable products out there or go to your dermatologist for immediate help.

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