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10 Incredible Tips on How to Eliminate Puffy Eyes

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Puffy eyes or eye bags usually becomes prominent as you age. Despite this, you still have to be more mindful about it because there might be some causes to it. Puffy eyes might not be a serious medical condition, but it can be due to some factors that may lead to future eye problem. Therefore you have to learn how to eliminate puffy eyes before worse turns to worst. Use the tips provided below.

Tip #1:  Use metal spoon. 

If you have tremendous eye bags due to insufficient sleep, you can try using a metal spoon. This is done by immersing the metal spoon in cold water for several minutes or until it gets very cold then stick it out to the puffy area for around one minute. Do it again until the bulge is alleviated.

puffy eyes

puffy eyes

Tip #2:  Use hemorrhoid cream. 

Although a hemorrhoid cream is designed to ease irritation and lessen the size of hemorrhoids, you can try it in decreasing your eye bags. Rub on the hemorrhoid cream precisely on the eye bag area. The hemorrhoid cream that is best to use is the one that has yeast or shark’s liver oil as part of the component.

Tip #3:  Use cucumber. 

Cucumber is considered as one of the most versatile vegetables because of its many uses. Putting some pieces of chilled cucumbers on your eyes get rid of the swollen part. Leave the pieces of cucumber on your eye bags for a few minutes to reduce the bulging.

Tip #4:  Use tea bags. 

Immerse the tea bags in icy water for about 15 minutes. Take it away from the water and compress out the extra liquid then put the tea bag on your puffy eyes for about 10 minutes. Tenderly compress on the tea bags on the swollen area to lessen the bulge more rapidly.

Tip #5:  Try using ice.

Load a plastic bag with ice and cover it with wash cloth then stick it on the swollen part until the puffiness subsides.

Tip #6:  Try to elevate your head while sleeping. 

Going to sleep by raising your head can avoid the liquid from alighting beneath the eyes. You can raise your head for about 2 or 6 hours to lessen the eye bags.

Tip #7:  Use soaked compress. 

Immerse a cotton or wool cloth in witch hazel or rose water.  Fold over the cloth into three and put in on your eyes. Let it stay for about 15-20 or until the bulge is alleviated.

Tip #8:  Using creams. 

Cold or eye cream can relieve a little bit of puffiness. Rub the cream gently into the bulging part and smoothly pat it with your fingers. The patting will draw off the fluid from the area.

Tip #9:  Splashing. 

Load a huge bowl or basin with water and put ice cubes in it. Splatter the cold water on your face continuously for a few minutes or until such time that the puffiness subsides.

Tip #10:  Use salt water. 

Melt a teaspoon of salt in a cup of hot water. Make sure that the water is not boiling. Immerse a cotton cloth in the solution then put the pads on your eyes for around 5-10 minutes. If the puffiness does not subside after the first time, do it again using new hot pads.

These are 10 incredible tips on how to eliminate puffy eyes. You should try any or a combination of these tips.