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How to Use Cucumber for Puffy Eyes – 3 Tips on How to Use this Cool Vegetable

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Puffy eyes can be due to a lot of causes like allergies, excessive alcohol intake, dehydration, excessive salt in your daily regimen, crying and even insufficient sleep. The other causes of puffy eyes include nail polishes and beauty products that have formaldehyde which can inflame your eyes as well as make it puff-up. The good news is that majority of puffy eye cases are considered mild and can be simply remedied in your own home. But, if the condition is quite severe, you should see your physician as soon as possible for him or her to evaluate or assess your case.

Use Cucumber for Puffy Eyes

Use Cucumber for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can be relieved in so many ways, but one of the most popular remedies for puffy eyes is the use of cucumber. Cucumber is considered as an extremely versatile vegetable because of its many uses. One of the uses of cucumber is to alleviate puffy eyes. However, the question is why can cucumber relieve puffy eyes and how it is done?

What are the qualities that cucumber has to alleviate puffiness? The truth is cucumber does not contain any particular marvelous properties.  It has only 90% water and it is cool that is why it can relieve puffy eyes. You already know that cool water can alleviate puffiness and this is where the cucumber comes in. Since cucumber is cool, definitely it can relieve puffy eyes. Discover how you can use cucumber for puffy eyes.

Tip #1:  Learn why cucumber works well on puffy eyes.

The main component of cucumber is cool water. However, it also includes caffeic acid as well as vitamin C that are both established to calm inflamed skin and lessen puffiness. Other types of vegetables and fruits do not contain the coolness of water unlike the cucumber. Aside from that, cucumber has an unpolluted, gentle aroma and they are absolutely sized to suit the eyes of anyone and its color does not alter even when exposed to the air.

Tip#2:  Slice the cucumber.

Cleanse the cucumber properly then let it stay in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Slice it obliquely and thick enough not to rip and still bendable then dry it before putting on your eyes.

Tip #3:  Put a piece of cucumber on each of your shut eyes.

Recline your back on a lifted up pillow and begin to settle down. After 20 minutes of treatment, you can already see the change in your condition.  f the piece of cucumber becomes warm before the 20-minute duration, replace it with another slice. However, this may not be necessary since cucumber is really cool even if exposed in a hot temperature for quite some time.

Cucumber has no side effects at all, but you should try to be careful not to get any tiny bits in your eyes to avoid eye injury. However, there are individuals who have oral allergy syndromes and are sensitive to cucumbers. If you are one of them, you are advised to keep away from using them at all cost. Try to seek other solutions for puffy eyes when that is the case.