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How to Make Puffy Eye Cream – 3 Recipes that Work

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Having puffy eyes is a situation wherein the emission is maintained in the tissue of your face thus affecting the skin under. There are numerous contributing factors to puffy eyes like allergies, genetics, weakened hormones, inflammation due to contact lenses, thyroid ailment, weather circumstances and sinus. Good thing is that puffy eyes can be avoided through the use of numerous creams available in the market. However, these creams can be extremely expensive as well as there is no guarantee that they can solve the problem. If you want to get rid of puffy eyes, you can make puffy eye cream using the following steps.

Make Puffy Eye Cream

Make Puffy Eye Cream

Recipe 1: Steps in Making Witch Hazel Puffy Eye Cream

Witch Hazel is one the plant that contains astringent assets which are considered efficient in curing puffy eyes. It also reduces contamination and puffiness due to dryness of the eyes. Here is how you can make one.

Step 1: Get a branch of Witch Hazel then skin the bark through the use of knife. Slice the branch into two after peeling it and grind it using a food processor. Put in vodka to the crushed Witch Hazel until the liquid is enough to cover it.

Step 2: Blend the mixture again thoroughly in the food processor before putting it in a container or bottle that has cover.  Let the blend rest for five to six weeks, shaking it once daily to blend the elements.

Step 3: After the resting period, drain the liquid away from the huge pieces of witch hazel before mixing an ounce of the strained liquid of witch hazel with ½ ounce of aloe Vera and ½ ounce of vitamin E oil. Put the witch hazel blend beneath your eyes while reclining for about 15 minutes.

Recipe 2: Steps in Making Potato Puffy Eye Cream.

Potatoes contain innate assets that can help lessen the inflammation of swollen eyes. Making your own puffy eye cream from potatoes is possible. All you have to do is grind a potato in a bowl and crash it and turn slightly into juice. Rub on the potato by your fingers onto the skin underneath your eyes. Let it rest for 10-20 minutes while you are reclining on your back and your head is also a little bit raised.

Recipe 3:  Steps in Making Milk Puffy Eye Cream

Milk is also considered useful in lessening puffy eyes. Making a cream out of it is also possible. Immerse two cotton balls in milk and put them under each of your eyes. Let it stay on the skin until such time that it is warm to your feel. Do the procedure again by adding more milk in the mixture. You can perform this type of treatment few times daily to lessen the look of puffy eyes. If milk is not at hand, you can use ice water instead using the same procedure.  Ice water is also useful in lessening faintly the inflammation in your eyes.

These are recipes that will help you create your own puffy eye cream. All ingredients are readily available in your kitchen. What you have to pay attention to is to make sure you follow instructions when creating one.