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How to Prevent Razor Rash – 7 Tips to Avoid Hurting Yourself

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Razor rash is considered an extremely ordinary incident for lot of individuals, particularly men. It is characterized by itchiness, soreness and it is also ugly to look at. Luckily, there are lots of simple means to avoid razor rashes or to lessen its appearance and occurrence as well. It is as well considered that inadequate hydration of the skin before shaving is one of the chief instigators of razor rash. Here are tips on how to prevent razor rash.

Prevent Razor Rash

Prevent Razor Rash

Tip #1:  Preparing the skin before shaving.

Make sure to lather the parts of your body before shaving to make sure that the hair and skin are soft. You do not have to use expensive lather foam; just a little bit of soap will do the job.

Tip #2:  As soon as you start shaving, be certain that you shave along with the direction that the hair grows rather than in opposition to it.

If you will shave in opposition to it, the development of the hair usually results to undersized lesions. This leads to skin inflammation by the time the hair begins to develop again. Shaving against the grain of the hair will also lead to ingrown hairs which are extremely frustrating and unnerving.

Tip #3:  Make sure you shave when the skin is soft.

If your skin is extremely susceptible to shaving foams or lathers, shave all throughout or right after taking a bath or shower. This guarantees that your skin is still soft and aside from that, shaving at this time will eliminate oil and further dead skin cells that are creeping around. Shaving when skin is still soft will lessen the possibilities of grazing yourself.

Tip #4:  Look for the appropriate razor for your skin.

It is essential in lessening razor rash. It is an excellent idea if you will try dissimilar kinds of razors each time you shave until you find the perfect type for you. There are lots of different variations of razor, starting from the conventional to electric and battery-operated ones. Use razors that will not give you rashes after shaving.

Tip #5:  It is important that you should put on a moisturizing cream right after shaving.

This will put off the appearance of rashes. As of the present, there are moisturizing creams particularly formulated after shaving. There are creams designed for both men and women for this purpose. Moisturizing the skin after shaving will help maintain skin hydration as well as make the hair soft as it develops again to prevent rashes by the time you shave again.

Tip #6:  Be sure that your razor is in good condition.

Check this before using it to prevent rashes and lessen grazes on your skin. If you are using an electric razor, make sure to cleanse it very well so that there will be no hair left behind, so as not to inflame your skin further.

Tip #7:  Make use of a wet razor properly.

If you are using a wet razor, be sure that the blades are razor-sharp and clean. This will give you an even shaving and will help prevent further grazes that can lead to razor rash.

Add to all the ‘prevent razor rash’ tips mentioned herein, shaving other parts of your body can also be done by using hair removal cream. Combine all these things together and you will say goodbye to rash from a razor.