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How to Reduce Redness from Blemishes – 5 Tips to Kiss the Redness Away

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There are several contributing issues that are connected to the development of redness on your skin. Pimples and further acne-related problems are the usual factors that cause redness. It is important to remedy the redness to lessen its look.  However, if you want to completely eradicate the look of blemish, you should cure the probable causes of the problem. Add to that, you can reduce redness from blemishes using the following tips.

Reduce Redness from Blemishes

Reduce Redness from Blemishes

Tip #1:  Keep away from stroking or exploding your pimples.

Stroking and bursting can further inflame the skin and deteriorate the marks as well as lead to bleeding thus resulting to an intensified blood surge to the blemish and might lead into scab, much more deteriorating its look.

Tip #2:  Use Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory medicines.

If you want to lessen the irritation and control facial redness on the blemish, take in ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory medication. The dosing effect of this medicine can help you from scratching the itchiness due to inflammation. However, you should be careful when taking dosing medicines to avoid accident.

Tip #3:  Put on the right makeup.

Put on makeup that will help conceal the blemish on your skin. This is an immediate way of reducing the redness on the blemish, particularly if you are in a hurry. There are especially formulated make-ups that can extremely help conceal blemishes. Ask for the product from your favorite cosmetic store.

Tip #4:  Massage moisturizer on your skin two times daily.

If possible, do it in the morning and prior to sleeping at night. Massaging moisturizer will help calm the skin as well as seal in the moisture. Be cautious in applying topical treatments on your pimples because it may only deteriorate the look of the redness on the blemish. If you want to use topical creams, make sure to buy one that contains helpful vitamins and minerals which can help lessen skin inflammation.

Tip #5:  Use Visine eye drops.

This eye drop can also help conceal the red blemish on your face quickly. Make sure to always carry one with you if you want an immediate solution to your problem. However, you have to make sure that your face is properly cleansed, devoid of makeup, and dried before putting the Visine on your face. The cleanser you should use in washing off your face should be mild.

When you want to apply the Visine on the red blemish, make sure that you will dab the area with the solution carefully. Stay away from pressing it too hard because it can lead to further redness. Make sure to let the Visine dry first before applying it again. You can apply the Visine as much as you want.

The tips discussed above are only some of the ways you can try if you want to reduce the redness from blemishes. There are still lots of natural ways you can find to help solve your problem; all you have to do is ask the people around you who have the same problem with you. You can consult your dermatologist or doctor for some help if you want to remove facial redness due to blemish.