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How to Reduce Large Facial Pores with 8 Tips that Will Make Your Face Look Smoother

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Pores are small openings on the skin for the sweat and sebaceous glands. Enlarged pores are common in acne. Large facial pores are established through hereditary means and they cannot be totally eliminated. However, you can reduce their manifestation by taking care of your skin properly and through utilizing a few techniques, natural treatments and products that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription. Some of these mixtures can only give momentary results but others can offer an enduring outcome if used according to the instruction. Learn how to reduce large facial pores through the following tips.

Reduce Large Facial Pores

Reduce Large Facial Pores

Tip #1: Prepare the things you need.

The natural way of reducing large facial pores is easy if you have the correct stuffs needed. The things needed include lemon juice, mattifying lotion, facial wash (one that contains salicylic acid), exfoliating facial scrub, raw almonds, pore minimizing toner, witch hazel, rose water and spray bottle.

Tip #2:  Use lemon juice and water.

Mix a part of lemon juice to a part of water and put on precisely on the skin to momentarily reduce the manifestation of huge facial pores. Even though this remedy is not enduring, its result is felt immediately.

Tip #3:  Use matt lotion.

Put on a matt lotion above the spotless skin to seal the huge pores on your face. Leave the solution on your skin for around 30 seconds before putting on your makeup. Matt lotion has silicone that provides a smoother look to your skin particularly when placed on huge pores.

Tip #4:  Wash your face with an OTC solution.

Rinse your face using an over-the-counter facial wash with salicylic acid to lessen large facial pores. Salicylic acid has the ability to strengthen the skin as well as decrease oil on the face that is a factor to the manifestation of huge pores. One word of advice: Do not use this frequently because it can result to extreme dryness. The suggested use is only twice a week.

Tip #5:  The exfoliation process will help.

Exfoliating your face for about three times a week will help eliminate the accumulation of extra oil that causes pore ducts to enlarge. The correct way of exfoliating is to use a gentle facial scrub that eliminates the topmost coating of dead skin as well as any form of substance inside the pores. You can also create your personal exfoliating scrub by pulverizing uncooked almonds combined with water to create a paste consistency.

Tip #6: Facial toners should also be chosen properly.

You can also utilize an over-the-counter toner that is intended for huge pores every after washing and exfoliating your face. If you do not want to use toners that are sold in your local store, you can make your own toner by blending a teaspoon of witch hazel to ¼ cup of rose water in a spotless spray bottle. You can spray the solution or rub it with cotton ball on your face to reduce the huge facial pores.

Tip #7:  Steam your face.

This is a natural way of minimizing large facial pores. The steam will open up your pores and simultaneously unclog them.

Tip #8:  Consume a lot of citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits can give you a much compact skin as well as restore the collagen that add to its flexibility and lessen the piles of pore.

These are tips on how to reduce large pores on your face. It may take time before you see results but they are well worth the try.