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How to Make a Stretch Mark Reducing Body Cream Using 5 Recipes

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It is extremely trouble-free to make a homemade stretch mark reducing body cream because majority of the ordinary components can be easily found in majority of health food stores online. The most common ingredients for making stretch mark creams include calendula flowers, coconut oil and vitamin E cream. These ingredients are known to be useful in lessening the inflammation as well as injury of the skin, which is why they are extremely perfect components to lessen stretch marks. The homemade stretch mark reducing body cream can be stored for at least a month, particularly if kept in a cool, dry location. You can also keep the cream inside the refrigerator in between utilizations for an even lengthy shelf-life.Make a Stretch Mark Reducing Body Cream

Tip #1: Make the coconut and calendula stretch mark reducing body cream

Put the coconut oil and the pulverized calendula flowers inside a sanitized but dry glass container or jar then let them soak for two weeks in a temperate location, probably in close proximity to the window. Drain liquid from the blend by using a dirt free muslin cloth then throw away the used herbs.  Put in the vitamin E cream, lavender and bergamot essential oils into the mixing bowl. Mix them carefully using a wooden spoon or disposable stirrer. Move the blend from the mixing bowl into a dirt-free, sanitized bottle that has a pump then let it set for 24 hours prior using.

Tip #2: Make the pure cocoa butter, almond oil, vitamin E oil, lavender and chamomile essential oil cream

Dissolve the cocoa butter using a double boiler then take away from the heat. Utilize the hand mixer to blend the dissolved cocoa butter and almond oil. As soon as the blend becomes creamy in texture, put in the vitamin E oil as well as the other essential oils. Keep on blending the cream on elevated velocity until it turns into a somewhat dense texture. Transfer the cream into the glass jar or container.

Tip #3: Use coconut oil and palmarosa or neroli oil.

Put two cups of coconut oil in a dirt-free container with cover. Put in a teaspoon of palmarosa or neroli oil then mix thoroughly. Rub the mixture on your skin two times a day in spherical movement. Keep the remaining blend in a dry, cool place.

Tip #4: Use coffee grounds.

Mix a cup of previously used coffee grounds together with a teaspoon of olive oil until you create a paste consistency. Rub the mixture on your skin in a spherical movement for about 10 minutes. Put a towel on top of the coffee cream then put on force for 15 minutes before washing it off with tepid water. The caffeine content of coffee grounds will help stimulate the skin to decrease the appearance of stretch mark.

Tip #5: Make another blend of gel and oil.

Mix ½ cup olive oil, ¼ cup aloe Vera gel, 2 tablespoons vitamin E gel and 1 tablespoon Vitamin a gel. As soon as the ingredients are properly blended, put it in a container then keep inside the refrigerator until chilled. Put on the skin once daily. All the vitamins and aloe Vera will accelerate the production of new cell as well as lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

There are certainly a lot of techniques you can make use of if you plan to reduce cellulite using the natural means. Cellulite reduction is now possible with homemade creams as mentioned above.

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