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How to Cover Rosacea – Get Rid of Red Skin Using 6 Tips

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Rosacea is a skin condition resembling acne with symptoms including redness about the nose which may spread to the forehead and neck. Small dilated blood vessels then appear and tiny pimples develop on the flushed areas. These pimples are more superficial than acne pimples and do not leave scars. The condition is sometimes called whisky nose, an unfair name because many people have rosacea who have never had an alcoholic drink.

Washing the face with soap and cold water, or rubbing with ice, may reduce the flushed appearance of the skin. The most common medical treatment is through control of diet, including the elimination of alcohol, coffee, tea, nuts, eggs, extremely hot and cold foods, and highly seasoned as well as fried foods. The face should not be massaged because it can irritate the inflamed skin and can further spread infection. Identifying the proper way to cover the redness without resulting to inflammation and additional pressure is to be considered if you want to know how to cover rosacea.

cover rosacea

cover rosacea

Tip #1:  Get ready with the things needed for cover up. 

You should prepare some things if you want to cover rosacea. The things you should have on hand will include a cleanser (which is developed mainly for sensitive skin), absorbent cotton cloth, green makeup stick, mineral makeup, and foundation designed for rosacea.

Tip #2:  Stay away from inflaming your skin.

You can do this by utilizing tepid water and cleanser designed mainly for sensitive skin while purifying it. Never utilize soap that contains perfume. Foam the specially formulated cleanser using your fingertips instead of using wash cloth then wash your face with tepid water. Touch your facial skin mildly using an absorbent cotton towel to let it dry completely prior to putting on something on your face.

Tip #3:  Put on some topical treatment.

Make sure it is one that was prescribed by your doctor. When applying on your face, let it dry for around 10 minutes prior to putting on sunscreen or covering cosmetic.

Tip #4: Put on a green makeup stick.

This is designed to coat and counteract rosacea on the extremely distressed parts of your face. The green color base of the makeup will help cover up the redness due to rosacea.

Tip #5:  Put on a mineral makeup created to give sunshield and conceal marks. 

A mineral-based makeup free of alcohol, perfume, oils or acids content but with zinc oxide in it is considered efficient for sunshield as well as perform most excellent for complete face treatment.

Tip #6:  Put on a foundation.

Make sure you get one that is useful in mending and shielding your skin. A medicated foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone can conceal the redness as wells a cure the dehydration of the skin of most rosacea patients. Make sure to put on the makeup using your fingertips instead of brush to prevent further inflammation of rosacea. Search for makeup that underwent thorough examination and had been tested already to people with this skin problem. Stay away from buying makeup products that indicate warnings regarding burning and stinging sensation.

These 6 tips will surely help you say goodbye to rosacea. Although these tips to cover rosacea will not provide permanent effects on the skin, you can still confidently go out and show your skin to the world.