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How to Deal with Rosacea – 9 Tips and that Redness will Be Gone

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Rosacea is characterized by redness on the skin that may start on the nose and cheeks but can deteriorate if not remedied immediately. Individuals who are light-skinned are most likely affected by the skin condition and there are people who do not even know they have it. What is disgusting is they try to treat it similar to what they do with dry skin and acne-prone skin. It is better to consult a dermatologist if the condition is not treated with the recourse you opted for. The doctor can prescribe the medicine suited to your skin problem. Alongside this, you may also use the following tips on how to deal with rosacea.

Deal with Rosacea

Deal with Rosacea

Tip #1: Take note of what’s included in your skin care regimen.

You have to get rid of skin care products that intensify irritation or redness. Examples are: coarse cleansing agents; liquid or lotions that can increase the condition; toners that contain alcohol and perfume; coarse scrubs; harsh washcloths; and facial peels that are acquired over-the-counter. Stop utilizing several skin products simultaneously. Furthermore, keep away from using skin care products that contain fragrant plant extracts, artificial scents, alcohol and with hazel because these can worsen rosacea.

Tip #2: Avoid certain things.

Avoid exposing your face to direct and extremely hot sunrays. Do not use hot water, eat spicy food, take in alcohol and caffeine. Avoid stress. All these can instigate some particular types of rosacea.

Tip #3:  Pay attention to what you should use for your skin.

Utilize mild, non-drying, water-soluble cleanser when cleansing your face. Use lukewarm water when washing your face since this is more favorable than washing it under the shower. Utilizing sunscreen containing SPF 15, physical filter like zinc oxide and titanium oxide is better if you have rosacea.

Tip #4:  Try salicylic acid.

Use an exfoliating agent that contains salicylic acid once or two times daily.  Salicylic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial means that can reduce skin redness due to rosacea. Aside from that, it is also applicable to all types of skin.

Tip #5:  Be gentle to your skin.

Use gentle face wash that will not dry your skin as well as clog your pores. Be careful in choosing a face wash because even if some of them are advertised to have a gentle formula, they can still dry your skin because of the ingredients incorporated in it.

Tip #6:  Use the right toner.

It is also important that you should use a toner which contains 100% pure spring water and anti-inflammatory assets. They are excellent for managing rosacea as well as eczema.

Tip #7: Make sure your makeup remover does not irritate you.

Use a makeup remover that will not irritate your skin. There are good quality makeup removers available for purchase. This can remove sunscreen and makeup you used during the day.

Tip #8:  Eye drops may help for ocular rosacea.

There are certain eye drops that can lessen the dryness and irritation and you can use it several times daily.

Tip #9:  Use the right cosmetics.

Try to choose eye and lip makeup that will not irritate your eyes and skin. There are some types of mascara and lipsticks that are especially formulated for sensitive skin.

Dealing with rosacea is very simple. You only have to pay attention to the products you are using. Discard the products that intensify the condition and retain the ones that suit your skin.