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How to Prevent Rosacea – 10 Tips to Drive this Skin Condition Away

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Rosacea is a type of skin problem that is similar to acne, but including among its symptoms redness around your nose which may extend up to the forehead and neck. Small dilated blood vessels then appear and tiny pimples develop on the flushed areas. These pimples are more superficial than ace pimples and do not leave scars. You have to learn how to solve this problem then by preventing rosacea.

Prevent Rosacea

Prevent Rosacea

Tip #1: You cannot totally put a stop to rosacea.

However, the indications can be lessened by identifying the factors that usually instigate this type of skin condition. This includes hot drinks, alcohol, highly spiced foods, exposure to sunlight, and tremendous heat or cold. These contributing factors can intensify the blood surge thus resulting to the widening of tiny blood vessels in your face.

Tip #2:  Identify the factors that help trigger the skin problem.

First, you should establish the specific factors that can help aggravate the skin condition. You can either alter or stay away from them completely.

Tip #3:  Cleanse and moisturize.

When cleansing face with rosacea, you have to choose facial products that cannot burn or blaze, tingle, inflame or result to facial redness even more when applied onto the skin. You must cleanse your face with tepid water and gentle soap only.  The soap should be applied tenderly with your fingertips.

Tip #4: Pay attention to skin care products you purchase.

Stay away from using toners, astringents, scrubs and exfoliating means and products that include alcohol and acetone. Hydroxy acids and tretinoin contents of some facial products can only deteriorate rosacea so avoid using them.

Tip 5: You should also stay away from over exposure to sunlight.

This can trigger rosacea. It is important that you should also put on sunscreen all the time, particularly if you are going to open air. This will shield your face from the harmful rays of the sun as well as other environmental pollutants.

Tip #6:  Drink plenty of water.

It can help solve the problem of your skin through getting rid of the toxins from your body. The usual recommended intake of water is 64 ounces daily, but if you have rosacea, you are allowed to drink from 80-100 ounces of water daily. Chilled water is even better to drink because aside from cooling down your body, it can also lessen facial flushing.

Tip #7:  Have a break.

Stress is an established factor that can cause facial redness or flushing which can also lead to the eruption of rosacea. Look for beneficial means to manage stress as well as anger like working out on a regular basis, conversing with your friends, or directed imagery.

Tip #8:  Stay away from foods and drinks that contain some extras.

This would include sugar, caffeine and nicotine because they are stimulants that can lead to the widening of blood vessels which can result to the indications of rosacea. They can also result to flushing because your heart rate will speed up once you ingest them.

Tip #9: Bathe in regulated temperatures of water.

Stay away from both extreme cold and hot weather as well as having hot bath. All these can result to rosacea breakouts.

Tip #10:  Consult your doctor if you have rosacea.

He or she can give you the proper medications for the condition. He may also help avert upcoming rosacea eruptions.

You can always choose to face the battle and prevent rosacea. You can start making lifestyle changes right away and when needed, you should consult an expert as well.