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How to Get Rid of Rosacea Redness

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Rosacea is not as simple as you might think! This is not easy to treat, but with a serious effort and right approach you can reduce or even eliminate rosacea in no time. The symptoms of rosacea include redness, breakouts, and uncomfortable burning of the skin. This can be rid of using a number of techniques. In this page, let use know how to get rid of rosacea redness.

Tip #1: Know your treatment options.

Before trying to treat rosacea on your own, it is best to visit your doctor because some permanent effects of rosacea like rhinophyma can worsen if left untreated. For severe cases of rosacea, a prescribed medication is advised. You may find yourself looking for ways on how you can treat your rosacea once the redness becomes so visible and very unsightly to look at. The best way to control rosacea is to take good care of your skin and eating the right food.

Tip #2: Take care of your skin.Get Rid of Rosacea Redness

Stay away from unhealthy foods, dirty environment, and chemicals that can easily irritate your skin. Always protect your skin from sun damage by using a mild high SPF sunscreen lotion on your face every day before you go out of the sun. You should also take care of your skin by avoiding caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol. You should also lessen the intake of food that contains high sugar content, carbohydrates and underwent processing. When you are exposed to the sun for long period of time, protect it by using a scarf or ski mask when you go out in cold and windy conditions. Harsh weathers can dry up the skin quickly.

Tip #3: Live with antioxidants.

Include more antioxidants to your daily meal. According to research, antioxidants such as fruits with Vitamin C and E can greatly improve symptoms or lessen rosacea. Include antioxidant foods in your diet such as oranges, dark/red/purple berries, and pineapple. You can also purchase a supplement that contains Vitamin C and E to be taken daily.  For people suffering from rosacea, an antioxidant infused topical creams is also recommended.

Tip #4: Intensify your skin care regimen.

But be careful not to choose products such as soap, lotions, creams, and cosmetics that can further irritate your sensitive skin. Make sure to use mild cleaners for your face if you are suffering from rosacea, and do not use cleansers at least thrice a day. Too much rubbing can aggravate the irritation. Wash your face using warm water and not hot water. Using hot water can cause dryness to your face that will worsen the irritation. To reduce inflammation, apply hypo-allergenic calming moisturizer such as Aveeno Ultra calming lotion and avon’s Liiv botanicals day cream with SPF 30. There aree also other brands in treating rosacea, but some of these are expensive to purchase. Choose the best products that will meet your needs and can hold your budget.

Tip #5: Make the right cosmetic choice.

You might want to change the brand of your cosmetics. But for women who are severely suffering from this kind of skin condition, cosmetics should be avoided for the meantime. But if your work requires you to wear makeup, throw all your old makeup and switch to mineral makeup that is free of oil and has no chemical added to it. These cosmetics are highly recommended by the National Rosacea Society.

Skin care is so important to treating rosacea redness. Diet is another thing. If symptoms of the condition persist, then it is best to ask professional help.