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How to Get Rid of Rough Feet – 7 Tips to Say Adios to Rough Feet

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Dehydrated skin as well as calluses can lead to skin roughness on your feet. The other contributing factors to rough feet include constant pressure and friction by means of walking without any protection on your feet, or putting on shoes that are not well-fitted. On the other hand, rough and dehydrated skin usually worsens during winter season due to the sudden drop of environmental humidity levels. Eliminating coarse skin include getting rid of condensed, dead skin cells and repairing the skin’s innate moisture. Here are of course specific tips on how to get rid of rough feet.

Get Rid of Rough Feet

Get Rid of Rough Feet

Tip #1: Immerse your feet in tepid water.

You can do this for at least 10 minutes if you want to make the skin softer. This will get rid of calluses as well as dead skin cells easier than you have expected. Never immerse your feet in hot water because it can intensify the dryness by means of eliminating the skin’s innate oils.

Tip #2: Drench a pumice stone.

Using the pumice stone, polish the coarse part in a spherical movement. The pumice stone contain the ability to rub away not only the dead skin but the condensed skin as well. Frequently wash your feet while utilizing the pumice stone to eradicate the dead skin flakes as well as pumice fragments.

Tip #3: Use a soft and sanitized cloth to dry your feet.

Make sure though that you do not rub it rigorously while drying to prevent inflammation. You should also make it a point to dry the area in between your toes to keep away the development of bacteria and fungi.

Tip #4:  Put on a moisturizing ointment.

Do this to dehydrated or coarse parts of your feet. The suggested application of the ointment is within three minutes after taking a bath or shower. You can repeat the application as frequently as required all throughout the day to maintain the softness as well as hydration of your skin.


Tip #5: Put a petroleum jelly.

Do this particularly on the coarse parts of your feet then put on socks prior to sleeping. Petroleum jelly will significantly make your feet softer the following morning.

Tip #6: Make a baking soda mixture.

Put around ½ cup of baking soda into water when immersing your feet to soften them and if you want to eliminate coarse skin. The baking soda is also useful in preserving the moisture of your skin.

Tip #7: Put a considerable amount of Vaseline on the coarsest parts of your feet.

You are advised to do this after taking a bath. Vaseline has the ability to moisturize even the largest parts of your feet that is very rough. After putting on Vaseline, wear socks and take it off the following day. Wearing socks will help lock in the moisture in your feet the whole night. Perform this treatment for five consecutive days and you will obtain excellent soft feet. Aside from that, it will also maintain better form of your toe nails.

Getting rid of rough feet will not only make you feel more comfortable but it will also make your feet more beautiful to look at and feel. If all the natural means of getting rid of rough feet have no avail, consult your doctor. He can teach you how to say goodbye to rough feet permanently.

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