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How to Smooth Rough Feet – 6 Tips to Say Hello to Smooth Feet

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Majority of individuals encounter rough feet once during their existence. While wearing sandals or thongs can help protect your feet from blisters and cuts from sharp broken glasses and other materials, it can also contribute to making your feet rougher. The other causes of rough feet include walking without anything on the feet and dry weather condition. Rough feet must not bother you for a lifetime. There are some easy procedures that you can do to make your rough feet smooth. You only have to be patient and do the techniques regularly to see the desired results.

How to Smooth Rough Feet

How to Smooth Rough Feet

Tip #1:  Use pumice stone.

Pumice stone is considered a magnificent tool to smooth rough feet. You can obtain it in different sizes and shapes. The beauty business is now manufacturing a lot of pumice stones in dissimilar forms. However, you can come across a simple pumice stone in a hardware store or in the cleaning section of a supermarket. They are considerably cheap unlike the beauty pumices that are available in some beauty centers.

Tip #2: Take extra precaution when using a pumice stone though.

This is particularly if your feet are extremely dry, cracked and rough. It will be very discomforting if you will rub it rigidly. Make sure that you will rub your feet gently with back and forth motion. The main goal of using a pumice stone is to take off the layers of rough skin, but do not overdo it. Just do the motion a few minutes a day to avoid damaging the cracked and rough feet further.

Tip #3:  Soak the feet in a tub of water with a small amount of liquid soap.

This is an easy way to do. Just fill in a tub of basin with water and liquid soap then immerse your feet in it for a minimum of 5 minutes. After putting out the feet from the water and liquid soap solution, you can rinse it thoroughly by using a soap-filled wash cloth then rub the pumice stone gently on your feet in a back and forth movement. The process will remove the dry skin easily, so be extremely cautious because your feet are perfectly smooth at this time. You may remove a lot of skin and may result to further predicament.

Tip #4:  Dry your feet thoroughly.

Prior to going to bed, it is important that you should make your feet dry properly. You should coat your feet with a small amount of petroleum jelly before putting on your socks.  During the day, you can just massage your feet with a non-greasy lotion before putting on your shoes or sandals.

Tip #5:  Wear socks all the time.

The secret in making your feet smooth without it getting rough is to wear shoes and socks all the time.

Tip #6:  Maintaining the moisture of the skin on your feet will also help.

There are some moisturizing lotions or creams available in the market that can help prevent as well as get rid of rough feet.

If you want to maintain a smooth feet, you do not have to deal with expensive products. You only have to use some simple ways just like what were discussed above. That way, you can smooth rough feet without much burden on your pocket.