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How to Repair Sagging Skin – 10 Tips that Will Work on Drooping Areas

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Sagging skin usually happens due to aging and depleted collagen concentrations. People, women in particular, look for solutions when the skin on their face starts to sag or droop. Some of them decide to undergo face lift to solve their problem, but there are also those who try to repair sagging skin the natural way or without the help of surgical procedure. There are so many ways you can employ to repair your sagging skin.

Repair Sagging Skin

Repair Sagging Skin

Tip #1:  Using topical medications can repair your sagging skin.

There are high quality topical treatment products that can tremendously help rebuild sagging skin. You just have to ask your skin care physicians for the best product to buy.

Tip #2:  Exfoliate.

You can mend your drooping skin by exfoliating it on a regular basis. Agents such as collagen, hydroxyl acids and copper peptides can be used in the process.

Tip #3:  Try vitamin supplements.

Taking vitamin C and sulfur supplements is also useful in healing drooping skin and at the same time tightening it. You can take a gram each of vitamin C and nutritional sulfur supplement every day to repair the sagging skin.

Tip #4:  Cleansing is important.

Cleanse your face and neck using a mild cleanser then put on an exfoliating serum onto them to eliminate dead skin cells. It the exfoliating serum is extremely powerful to your skin weaken it by adding small amount of water.

Tip #5:  Rub Emu Oil-S on your face and neck.

This particular type of oil has antioxidants established in your body. It can help lessen inflammation while repairing sagging skin.

Tip #6:  Put on CP serum to your neck and face.

CP serum has copper peptides that can replenish your skin and at the same time provide a healthy radiance on it. If the serum is extremely powerful, put in a small amount of water into it.

Tip #7:  Use retin A cream on your skin.

Retin A promotes rejuvenation of skin cell to make sure that fresh skin cells are developed rapidly to take the place of aged, dropping cells. Regular utilization of Retin A will help tauten up craggy skin to make it firmer and younger looking.  However, Retin A can only be acquired through prescription.

Tip #8: Massage.

Rubdown the drooping parts two times a day for a minimum of two minutes.  Massage intensifies circulation to let the blood as well as nutrients arrive at the parts more quickly, thus resulting to an excellently nurtured and stronger skin.

Tip #9: Put on sunscreen every day.

The sun’s rays are considered as the main source of not only aging skin but drooping skin as well. Avoid additional injury by shielding your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Select sunscreens that contain SPF evaluation to help shield you against the UVA as well as UBV rays. You can also wear protective clothing or gear if you will stay on the open air for a long period of time.

Tip #10:  Intensify the quality of your muscle on your face by chewing gum.

You may laugh about this idea. However, before you do that, you have to know how the technique works. The recurring action of chewing gum is considered useful in exercising facial muscles thus it can help repair sagging skin.

Learning how to repair sagging skin does not only mean undertaking medical procedure. You can also mend it through natural means. You simply have to take the above-mentioned tips into consideration.