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How to Remedy Dry Scaly Skin – Get Rid of Scaly Skin through 10 Tips

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Dry scaly skin is characterized by irritation, dryness, and redness caused by exposure to cold, soap, hard water, and detergents used thus resulting to deficient oily secretion in the skin. The most common locations of dry scaly skin are on the hands, face, and lips. Fortunately, dry scaly skin can be easily remedied through using natural remedy or over-the-counter products.  Learn how to remedy dry scaly skin.

Remedy Dry Scaly Skin

Remedy Dry Scaly Skin

Tip #1:  Use bland oil.

If the dry scaly skin affects your face, you can remedy it by cleansing it with bland oil instead of soap and by drying the skin with a soft towel, patting it instead of rubbing it to dry. After cleansing and drying the face, you can apply cold cream for softening and lubrication effect. In cold weather, the face may be protected from exposure outdoors with a muffler. Indoor drying and scaling can be minimized by adding moisture to the air with a humidifier or by filling radiator pans with water.

Tip #2:  Use rubber gloves for your hands.

To avoid dry scaly hands, rubber gloves should be worn during washing and housework, and soap and detergents should be kept away from the skin.

Tip #3:  Choose the right lipstick for your lips.

For dry scaly lips, stop using ordinary colored lipsticks. Use plain uncolored emollient lipsticks instead.

Tip #4:  Use cold cream for other body parts.

For the other parts of the body that has dry and scaly skin, apply cold cream or other forms of emollients overnight to help soften the skin. When dry scaly skin exists elsewhere on the body, tub baths rather than showers should be taken so that bath oil can be added to the water.

Tip #5:  Use a skin softener.

Try to use anhydrous lanolin (wool fat) because it is the nearest approach to the natural skin oil and very effective for softening the skin.

Tip #6:  Add washing soda to hardwater.

Hard water may be softened by adding washing soda or borax so as not to dry your skin tremendously.

Tip #7:  Look for lanolin content in a lotion.

Dry scaly skin can be corrected by the use of cream or lotion containing lanolin for cleansing the parts of the body where the skin is dry and scaly like the hands, elbows and face.

Tip #8: Use lotion.

A lotion or oil can also be rubbed into the skin after bathing. A lotion or oil may also be used on any part of the body exposed to direct sun or a sunlamp for any length of time. There is no need to buy expensive products for this purpose. Simple baby oil is considerably cheaper and just as effective in counteracting dry scaly skin like the more glamorously packaged cosmetics that make extravagant claims about treating dry scaly skin.

Tip #9:  Control bathing.

It will also help if you will control bathing or showering for less than 15 minutes. Do not use hot water, use tepid water instead to preserve the natural oils in your skin. Utilize a moisturizing soap that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients not chemicals that can add to the loss of moisture from your skin.

Tip #10:  Wash your clothes using mild detergents.

Make it a point to wash your clothes using natural detergents to prevent skin inflammation and select pieces of clothing created out of natural fibers like cotton and silk because they cannot stick on your skin.

You can always have remedies for dry scaly skin. It is either you invest in products enumerated in this page or try the less expensive remedies that require necessary precaution only.